Review: A Devil Named Desire (The Devil’s Bargain #2) by Terri Garey

August 7, 2015 Review 4

Review: A Devil Named Desire (The Devil’s Bargain #2) by Terri Garey

Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest...

...and no one knows that better than Sammy Divine, High Prince of Darkness. Once an angel, now cast down, Sammy's out to prove he's not the only angel who can be led into temptation...

Hope Henderson's sister has disappeared without a trace, and Hope will do anything to find her--even make a deal with the Devil. An ancient text holds the key to unspeakable power, and it's the Archangel Gabriel's job to make sure it stays hidden, even if he has to become human to do it. Lives, love and the fate of the world hang in the balance, as Hope and Gabriel learn that when passion's involved, it may be impossible to withstand a devil named desire.

Title: A Devil Named Desire
Author: Terri Garey
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Series: The Devil's Bargain
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Devil Without a Cause
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: January 31, 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 368
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
This review originally posted January 18, 2012. I remember when I finished this book it felt like there was more tale for these characters to tell. Well over 3 years later and nothing more so I suppose I guessed wrong on that one.
I love Samael’s role in this series. He does things that benefit him while manipulating other people’s lives. Sam has decided that Gabriel needs to experience desire. Following a desire is what caused Sam’s fall. In the process of tempting Gabe, Sam plans on using Hope’s desperation to put a book into print on the internet so that the world will have access to the information in its pages.
I did not feel Hope and Gabriel’s insta-love. Hope had feelings of love immediately after a very traumatic event in her already depressed life after spending just a day with Gabe while assuming he is a murdering demonic slave of the Devil’s. His insta-love feelings bothered me due to the fact that he has existed a gazillion years among the humans and has never been attracted to one, then he meets Hope and immediately falls in love with her.
I will continue reading this series. I love Sammy! I also think Garey has something big in store for him with the next book. The ending leads me to believe that anyhow.
I think this book could easily be read as a standalone. The events that took place in Devil Without a Cause are not mentioned. The Nicki Styx fans that follow this series will be pleased that she has a small role in A Devil Named Desire.
Paranormal Romance

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  1. Christi Snow

    hmmm, interesting. I am dying to read this book! I love this series, which begs the question…how the heck did I miss this on NetGalley??? smiles…

  2. Sherri W.

    One of our reviewers snagged this before me and I am dying to read it. Loved the Nicki Styx series and so glad she gets a cameo!!