ARC Review: Avenging Angel by Cynthia Eden

May 21, 2013 Review 2

ARC Review: Avenging Angel by Cynthia Eden

Earthly Delights

With a messed up family background and a tendency to grow claws and fangs, Tanner Chance isn’t exactly the boy next door. But he’s a decent cop, and he keeps himself on the side of the good guys. Convenient, because when he rescues a survivor of a horrific shifter attack he finds himself instantly smitten—with an honest-to-goodness angel, as innocent as she is irresistible.

Marna may be angelic, but she’s not stupid or weak. She can take care of herself. Tanner is more temptation than protection anyway. Or so she thinks, until someone wearing her face starts taking out some of New Orleans’ more unsavory paranormals. With police and predators both gunning for her blood, Marna has no choice but to trust Tanner…even though what’s sparking between them is hotter than anything holy.

Title: Avenging Angel
Author: Cynthia Eden
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Series: The Fallen
Published by Brava
Source: Publisher
Published: May 28, 2012
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 352
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

He was getting his princess. She’d get her beast. The rest of the world could go and screw off.

Make sure your world gets the end of that message when you pick Avenging Angel up. You will not want to put this book down one you start. My fellow review ninja Gaele suggested I should mention that you will also want to read this one with some tissues close by. I suggest finding a day without interruptions, quiet and alone, then devour this sexy angel and shifter treat in one sitting.

Tanner to Marna “That was me being fucking starving for you.”

Oh Tanner, you sexy man. His caring devotion and passionate want of Marna is a romance that everyone should experience. The fact that Marna is new to human emotions, wants, and desires leaves me baffled how she did not overdose on Tanner. The man has such a strong presence. He is the epitome of alpha male that will do anything for the woman that he has claimed as his. He expresses his need of Marna in a way that never lets her (or us readers) question his desires for her. Tanner is a man with a horrific past. He and his brother Cody made it through a childhood that lesser men would never have made it out of. Through his evil brothers Brandt’s vicious actions he is given the opportunity to know a woman like no other.

Tanner to Marna “If I have much more of you I won’t ever let you go.”

And she would be crazy to let this man let her go! This is a suspenseful romance and nothing goes according to plan for our hero and his heroine. They have many struggles to get to their happily ever after. The main one is that someone is out to get Marna. Tanner uses his resources as a cop and the born shifter abilities and instincts to protect her at all costs. Marna is a tough gal though. She has survived the brutal assault that left her without her wings. She has persevered in a world that she was never meant to live in. She’s a survivor. Now she given the chance at a life with a man that loves her above all else and someone is trying to mess it all up… not ever going to happen.

Avenging Angel is an intense thrill ride from the very beginning to the tear jerking end. This is my absolute favorite book in Eden’s The Fallen series. It may very well be my favorite book of hers all together.

The secondary characters were amazing! I hope that we get see more of Cody and Riley in future books. I loved what they had to contribute to this story. Readers are also treated to some Sammael. The Fallen is there protecting what he views as his and dishing out some round about romance advice. I am excited that we will see more of this series. I cannot wait to see how the next Fallen reacts to this world as a former angel.

Cynthia Eden


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  1. Christi Snow

    I have this whole series in my TBR pile. Just pre-ordered this one. Will be reading them all SOON!! smiles….