Review: Goddess in the Middle (Forgotten Goddesses #3) by Stephanie Julian

October 27, 2014 Review 2

Review: Goddess in the Middle (Forgotten Goddesses #3) by Stephanie Julian


Romulus and Remus are sexy werewolf cousins with an unbreakable bond. When they meet beautiful goddess Amity and save her from an encroaching demon, they discover that the three of them together are way more powerful than any of them could ever have imagined. And they're going to need that power to overcome the forces that are determined to steal Amity's magic and destroy the two men. As different as night and day, and each an amazing man in his own right, Rom and Remy make all of Amity's deepest fantasies come true ..

Title: Goddess in the Middle
Author: Stephanie Julian
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Series: Forgotten Goddesses
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Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: Publisher
Published: July 3, 2012
Genres: Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Mythology
Pages: 320
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames
This is another amazing book in the incredible The Forgotten Goddesses series. Amity the Etruscan Goddess of Health has become the latest target of Charun the Etruscan God of the Underworlds. He wants out of Aitas. He doesn’t seem to care that he is killing his sister goddesses to get what he wants. Amity unlike her sisters has decided she wants to keep the little goddess power she has left. She works in a hospital helping others with her remaining power. This is something she enjoys, it’s what she lives for.
Cousins Remy and Rom have spent the past twenty years chasing the demon that killed their family. They have found out the demon they are chasing has a new target, Amity. If they keep an eye on her the demon will eventually show and they will get what they want most, vengeance and they get to protect Amity at the same time. The cousins have no problems getting close to Amity, they approach her has two men in a bar looking for a night of hot sweaty good sex.
I love a good ménage and Goddess in the Middle did not disappoint. Remy and Rom have very different personalities. One is a charming flirt while the other is the quite stoic rock. Amity thinks she is just charging her goddess powers with a night of fun loving, but she soon she discovers she wants more than just one night. This is not too much of an issue, one cousin is fully on board with wanting the impossible (keeping her) the other is a slightly different story.     
I love how Stephanie has loosely tied her Lucani Lovers, MagicalSeduction and Darkly Enchanted series in to this series. Something big is brewing in this Etruscan world. Each book has ended on some nature of a game changer. There is even a cryptic prophecy that partially unfolds in Goddess in the Middle. I love cryptic prophecies! I am dying to know where it is all going. I loved that many of the characters from past books got a little page time. Stephanie’s characters are all so memorable.  
Fantasy Romance

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  1. Braine

    Weee! I’m reading this this week! Glad to know it doesn’t sound like it’ll be a waste of my time.

  2. Herding Cats - Burning Soup

    Haven’t heard of Stephanie Julian but definitely sounds like I’ve been missing out. It’s been way too long since I’ve read a good menage. So checking this one out 🙂 Thanks!