Review: Intervamption (Vampires of Crimson Bay #1) by Kristin Miller

March 10, 2016 Review 4

Review: Intervamption (Vampires of Crimson Bay #1) by Kristin Miller


Either one or both of your parents has vampire blood. Welcome to the vampire race!

Please keep a few things in mind as you ease into the most difficult phase of your life:

1. Light sensitivity, humming teeth, and stomach pains are completely normal. You’ll also be faster, stronger, and sexy as hell (if you’re lucky).

2. You’ll bloodlust and go crazy if you deny your body’s urge for blood. Why fight it?

3. Do not pierce the skin of a mundane involuntarily. We’re not animals and will not behave as such.

4. Therians, our shapeshifting brethren, cannot be trusted. Their loyalties shift as often as their identities.
And finally,

5. Lighten up—you’re not dead.

Contact Dylan, owner of ReVamp, in Crimson Bay, California, for more information.

Title: Intervamption
Author: Kristin Miller
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Series: Vampires of Crimson Bay
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: July 26, 2011
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 416
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames
I received this book for free from the Publisher or Author in exchange for an honest review, or I purchased it with my own funds. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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Synopsis from author’s website:
ReVamp’s hottest Vampire Rehabilitation Specialist has been burning moonlight looking for a cure to what’s ailing the blood supply in Crimson Bay, California. The mysterious infection is causing vampires to hit the streets and act like…well…a bit like Dracula when he’s cranked out on venti mocha vamppuccinos. Neither her arranged marriage on the blood-smudged horizon, nor the threat of shutting down her clinic can tear DYLAN’S eyes off the prize–proving once and for all vampires aren’t blood-lusting primal creatures. The last thing she expects while prepping a newborn for coven induction is to be spun for a wet and wild loop by the muscle bound vampire she finds beaten to a pulp and sprawled out on her bed.
Little does she know, the shape-shifting goon squads dead set on oppressing vampiric rights have a dark trick up their flickering sleeves. They’ve sent a sheep to sleep amongst the wolves…
Shape-shifter by birth, assassin by rank, and vampire by damned unfortunate circumstance, SLADE just wants to penetrate the coven of leeches, complete his risky assignment, and high-tail it out of there. Despite himself and shape-shifting law, he’s fired up; ready to take Dylan six ways from Sunday….with a Blood-Blasted cherry on top. When Slade’s next target is unveiled to be Dylan he must make a choice: complete his task and assassinate the love of his life, putting an end to the vampire uprising or die a traitorous death at the hands of his shape-shifting brothers and kick-start all-out war.
My Review:
                Slade is a therian (shifter) assassin. His new assignment is to infiltrate the local vampire haven posed as a vampire. His job is to find the catacombs that house the hidden scrolls that tell the historical secrets and prophecies of the vampire race. He is also supposed to kill one of the individuals mentioned in the prophecies. He knows upfront he will not find out who his target is until he is seated well in their haven. Dylan is a vampire. She runs ReVamp, a blood center for vampires. Willing humans come in and donate. She then distributes it to vampires so they do not have to urge to go seek out a meal on their own (biting humans.) Her job is getting more difficult though. There is something wrong with her blood supply. Her customers have to feed more often, and they are not getting sufficient nourishment from their feedings.
                I liked Slade. He is hard, not too emotional. As he sees it he really doesn’t have anything to live for. The part of his past that he remembers, he sees as the biggest mistake of his life. After a failed assassination he accepts a job that will get him his title as assassin back, even though the job itself is a suicide mission. Dylan is a very compassionate woman. She wants her fellow vampires to not be seen as the evil blood sucking leeches that they have been portrayed as. Her time is spent mostly at ReVamp, when not there she is teaching new vampires, counseling vampires, and mentoring vampires. She is very passionate in her work to make her race thrive. I liked the pace at which she and Slade’s relationship progressed. The sexual tension between the couple is pretty intense. They have an attraction that neither wants due to their genetic differences, but it is an attraction that they don’t want to fight either.
                I love prophecies. I enjoy seeing just how skewed ancient texts are and how easily they be misinterpreted is always a thought-provoking read. There is also the excitement of the characters trying to prevent the prophecy from ever being fulfilled. Add in an ancient all-knowing person who speaks a truth in riddles and you have a great read. I like a complex world with several different evils to add chaos the plot. This book has that in spades. It seems everyone has their own agenda to benefit themselves in the end. The evils are not caring about whose toes they are stepping on along the way. If more people die than necessary, that’s just a justifiable sacrifice for the end result. I enjoyed the remarkable cast of characters. There were so many mischievous plans to better a race, that some characters I thought were evil were in fact good and vice a versa. There is plenty of action that keeps the pages turning. I also liked how each chapter started with little factoids from various reading materials of this world. It would be a small snip it from a newspaper, a handbook, or a newsletter. It was a nice little piece of information that the characters had in their lives. The readers are introduced to the characters for the second book in the series, which the author’s website states will be out in the Fall of 2011.   
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  1. DangerousRomanceBookBlog

    I’m glad you liked it and you wrote a great review, I don’t know if it is all the POV switches or the world building, but I’m reading this now and struggling to finish it.

  2. Denise Z

    Thank you for sharing today. You have to admit that the title alone is worth a chuckle, but add to it the incredible storyline – OH MY the budget gods are going to be angry with me LOL