ARC Review: Offside by Jiliana Stone

October 3, 2012 Review 0

Offside (

By: Jiliana Stone (author website)


eBook, 268

Expected publication: October 1st 2012 by Juliana Stone

ISBN 13: 9780988138520

Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: The Barker Triplets, book #1

Stars: 5

Flames: 3

I love these books that are centered around small town folk and how they react to different situations. The situation in New Waterford is Billie Jo. She has returned home after seven years. Those seven years were spent in Sweden where she was one of four women playing pro hockey. She knows she’s good at hockey. She even has the Olympic medals to prove it. The guys on the Friday night league she has joined do not care how good she is. They want her gone, she’s a girl and they don’t want her on their all male league.

Dealing with the hockey guys is just a minor problem. She has a beyond complex relationship with her sisters Bobbi Jo and Betty Jo. Her father is ill. Her grandfather is getting too old to take care of his son (her father) and the one man she has always had the hots for still sees her as a kid. She has a mountain of problems that continually grows and she still has yet to figure out what she wants to do with her life now that she has returned home.

Logan Forest may not intentionally be causing trouble in Billie Jo’s life, but he is. He is also drawing unwanted attention to her. Logan is one of New Waterford’s most wanted single men. He has never settled down. He does not see a need to when he has not found the perfect woman for him. Now he is spending a lot of time with one of the troublesome Barker triplets who he is starting to notice is more than just the kid he has always saw her as.

I just adored this book. The triplets and their family dynamics are hilarious. Billie Jo is the mild one. I cannot wait to see what her two sisters have in store for their books. Billie Jo was an awesome lead female to read. She is strong and courageous. She knows she wants to still play hockey and is determined not to let some narrow minded men stop her. Finally getting the man of her dreams is the icing on her rink.

On a small side note I read this on September 19th, which is International Talk like a Pirate Day. The hockey team that Billie Jo and Logan play for are called the Angry Pirate’s, be patient I promise I am going somewhere with this. Go to Urban to find out why this is giggle worthy. Oh yeah, she was so surrounded by a bunch of typical beer drinking men.


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