ARC Review: Wicked as She Wants by Delilah S Dawson

April 26, 2013 Review 0

ARC Review: Wicked as She Wants by Delilah S Dawson

The second book in the darkly tempting Blud series, featuring a vampire princess who embarks upon a dangerous journey to claim what is rightfully hers.

When Blud princess Ahnastasia wakes up, drained and starving in a suitcase, she’s not sure which calls to her more: the sound of music or the scent of blood. The source of both sensations is a handsome and mysterious man named Casper Sterling. Once the most celebrated musician in London, Sangland, he’s fallen on hard times. Now, much to Ahna’s frustration, the debauched and reckless human is her only ticket back home to the snow-rimmed and magical land of Freesia.

Together with Casper’s prickly charge, a scrappy orphan named Keen, they seek passage to Ahna’s homeland, where a power-hungry sorceress named Ravenna holds the royal family in thrall. Traveling from the back alleys of London to the sparkling minarets of Muscovy, Ahna discovers that Freesia holds new perils and dangerous foes. Back in her country, she is forced to choose between the heart she never knew she had and the land that she was born to rule. But with Casper’s help, Ahna may find a way to have it all…

Title: Wicked as She Wants
Author: Delilah S Dawson
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Series: Blud
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Damsel and the Daggerman
Published by Pocket
Source: Publisher
Published: April 30, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 384
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

“I don’t know how to be sorry, Casper. For a princess, I’m not a bit tamed.”

That quote really sums Ahnastasia up. She is haughty and proud. She is the Blud Princess after all. She is so far above the Pinkies that are helping her. She had this air of superiority throughout most of Wicked as She Wants. Ahna was difficult for me to connect to for this reason. She is the product of her raising. She is exactly as she should be. Had she been written kinder or more compassionate she would not have been the Blud Princess. Her character was just as she should be and because the story is told solely from her point of view readers get a ton of arrogance with a side of Casper and Keen.  

“It’s endearing how often you threaten to kill me. That’s practically flirting to you isn’t it darlin’?”

Ah Casper, the handsome Stranger that never gets the girl. The man who has fallen so many times he is bound to forget which way is up. Casper is too much of an adorable flirt for you to not wish him a happily ever after. He just needs his wounds to be soothed a little first and Ahna is not the soothing type. The transition from Stranger to Sang has been rough on him. Ahna never cuts him any slack. She even manages to make his life more difficult at times. For reasons unbeknownst to me he decides to assist her in her quest to take back what is rightfully hers. I often found myself questioning his decisions regarding this quest.

Ahna’s journey from ragged valise to the Sugar Snow Ball was a necessity. The maddened half dead Blud Princess readers meet at the beginning of the book would not have made a good ruler. The woman who learned of life and empathy on the road and in the air with two Pinkies deserved all she fought for in the end. Ahna was a difficult read for me. I never liked her. I began to respect her at some point, but she was not someone I could relate to.

I love the quirkiness that is Sang. The similarities to our world but the vast differences make this such an interesting fantasy world to escape to. There are very few places where someone can demand another to jump through a nipple. The world of Sang is far too interesting to not read the Blud books.

Delilah S Dawson


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