Review: Autumn in the Vineyard (St. Helena Vineyard #3) by Marina Adair

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Review: Autumn in the Vineyard (St. Helena Vineyard #3) by Marina Adair

Frankie Baudouin has a hundred reasons not to trust Nate DeLuca. First, he’s a DeLuca. Second, he kissed her—in front of the entire town—and then never called. Oh, and he’s after her land. Sorrento Ranch is Frankie’s last chance to prove to her family—and to herself—that she has what it takes to be an award-winning winemaker. And she will stop at nothing to ensure her success—even if it means playing nice with the starched, sophisticated, and oh-so-sexy Italian.

For Nate, Sorrento Ranch is more than just soil and grape vines; it was his father’s dream—a dream Nate is determined to make a reality. So when he finds himself forced to cohabitate with a hot-headed, irrational, and incredibly gorgeous Baudouin, Nate is surprised to discover that chaos could be so much fun—especially when she sleeps in nothing but lace.

Title: Autumn in the Vineyard
Author: Marina Adair
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Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Author
Published: October 29th 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 318
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

This is book three in the St. Helena Vineyard series. All the books are set in the same community but each one is about a different couple. They can all be read as stand alone novels.

Nate DeLuca and Francesca (Frankie) Baudouin have been bickering since high school. When they both buy land that shares a house they have to learn to compromise or risk losing the land altogether.

I love Frankie and Nate! Granted half the time I wanted to smack Frankie for holding out on Nate and making him work so hard but that was a lot of fun to watch. They usually show their affection for one another with fighting and annoying each other when all they really want to do is go at it hot and heavy. I liked how Nate slowly worked his way around Frankie’s defenses. He is very determined to win her over and it was nice to see a male lead that was the instigator of the relationship and didn’t just want sex.

We see quite a bit from the families and the community in general as seems to be the usual from this series. I love to read about the connections between all the people in the town. It has a very small town feel with the gossip and busybodies. Also no one seems to be able to keep secrets which makes for great reading. The town feels like a character in the book. It is a big part of Nate and Frankie’s lives. They both have always lived there and want to do what’s best for the town to make it thrive.

There is quite a bit of drama between Frankie and her grandfather. It has been brewing in the background for the last few books but things come to a head in this one. I was a little annoyed at how Frankie handled everything but I do think that it was true to character, not what my vindictive little heart wanted but it did make sense for her.

I am really loving this series. I love the humor, drama, fighting, making up and all the plethora of emotions that are evoked when reading this book. The characters and the relationships that are being built are a joy to read and I am looking forward to each addition to the series.

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