Review: Darkness (New Species #12) by Laurann Dohner

November 6, 2014 Review 0

Review: Darkness (New Species #12) by Laurann Dohner

Kat’s boss wants dirt on the NSO. She is sent to Homeland undercover but everything goes wrong as soon as she enters the front gates. She is arrested by a big, powerful, sexy New Species but she is not frightened. He turns her on and things heat up fast between them. Now, she just hopes he does not break her heart.

Darkness admires Kat’s courage but he cannot trust anything she says. He hasn’t been with a female for years because he knows he is too damaged. He is not mate material, despite his desire to possess her in every way. Darkness fears losing control—the one thing that defines his life. He doesn’t think he can tear down the protective walls he’s built, even for her.

Inside Scoop: Kat never realized how much fun handcuffs and dominant males could be until she discovered her kinky side through Darkness’ need for control.

Title: Darkness
Author: Laurann Dohner
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Series: New Species #12
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Source: Publisher
Published: Sept 23 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 271
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Kat Perkins works for the FBI. Her boss wants dirt on the New Species so he sends her undercover to their Homeland to find some. When she arrives things don’t go as planned and she is interrogated by Darkness to learn why she is really there. Things heat up between them quickly but Kat isn’t willing to break under Darkness’ sensual interrogation.

Darkness has been a mystery for many books now. He doesn’t say much and seems to have a darker past than other New Species although we don’t know what it is. When he meets Kat he is reluctant to interrogate her but he doesn’t want anyone else to do it either. WHen they find out she is FBI, without her confirmation, they decided to let her stay but Darkness acts as her babysitter. He makes it his mission to find out if she is there to hurt the NSO.

While I love the NS I have to say that this wasn’t one of my favorite books in the series. One of my favorite things about the NS is the men and their desire to cherish the women they mate with. Darkness was opposed to admitting that he even liked Kat much less was falling for her. He considered her a weakness and even went so far as to be extremely controlling in bed to (seemingly) keep her in her place.

Kat was a very strong character that knew who she was and wasn’t afraid to be a strong woman. It was one of the reasons that I got so annoyed at her and her willingness to accept what Darkness gave her. She does stand up to him but she always ends up backing down and he gets his way. I wish she had made him work harder for her.

I did enjoy the reappearance of many of the characters from previous books as well as quite a bit more with the children. We see how the characters have changed over the course of the series and what life is like for them. I liked the introduction of several new characters that will hopefully get their own books as well as little strings left hanging that leave the series open to go in several different directions.

Darkness is book 12 in the New Species series. While each book works as a stand alone, many characters are re-occurring and some story lines arc between books so they are best read in order.



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