Don’t Stop Believing (Silver Pines #1) by Gwen Hayes

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Don’t Stop Believing (Silver Pines #1) by Gwen Hayes

The Ogre from the Hill

Simon Powell, the town recluse, only comes to town to deliver firewood and get supplies. Two days before Christmas, he sees the new librarian’s car in a ditch and knows he can’t leave him on the road, but it’s too late to take him back to town. He’ll have something he’s never had in his cabin in the ten years that’s he’s lived there…company.

The Book Nerd from the City

Adam Parker moved to the small community to make big changes in his life, but being snowbound with the bearded lumberjack in his rustic cabin was something he’d thought only existed in his fantasies. Simon pushes away anyone who wants to get close to him, but Adam sees what he’s hiding in his heart and he wants it. Badly.

A Christmas to Remember

Adam smells like cinnamon and redemption and Simon aches to run his fingers over the scrape of stubble on his cheeks. To pull him into a kiss. To reignite feelings he’d denied himself for too long. Life is right there, blazing in the eyes of the town librarian. A man who isn’t afraid of him. But he learned long ago that everything he touches gets tainted, and he’ll do anything to keep his darkness away from Adam’s light.

But Adam has something else on his side—he’s been a very good boy this year and all he wants for Christmas is Simon.

Title: Don't Stop Believing
Author: Gwen Hayes
Series: Silver Pines
Source: Author
Published: November 3, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 60
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: two-flames

The librarian and the lumberjack and the first of many Merry Christmas together. Simon is paying a penance for an incident that was not his fault. If anyone was wronged it was Simon. Simon however has stayed in his cabin as much as possible. He has kept to himself even though the residents of Silver Pines have welcomed him with open arms. Even Adam the new librarian in town has taken interest in silent giant. In all honesty Adam has more than an interest. Adam has a big ole sweet crush on Simon. When the opportunity arises for Adam to get to know Simon better he jumps on it. No one should spend Christmas alone and everyone should spend it with the ones they love.

Some of the not as enjoyable as it could have been with Don’t Stop Believing came from having read several very similar stories recently. That is somewhat my own fault. I’m a sucker for the small town romances. I’ve been reading a ton of male male romances this year. The whole stay at the recluses cabin after ditching your car has happened in my books very recently. So some of Adam and Simon’s story felt replayed to me. It was still a sweet story though.

If you’re looking for a gay romance where the sexy bedroom details are not explicit Gwen Hayes delivers on that or does not deliver if you’re looking for very explicit juicy details where the sex is concerned.

Paranormal Romance
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