Review: Dragon’s Claim by Anya Richards

April 29, 2013 Review 0

Review: Dragon’s Claim by Anya Richards

Book three in the Unveiled Seductions series.

Talathion Frostbane was tasked with saving his people and took on the responsibility unflinchingly. Yet all it takes to throw his entire existence into chaos is one encounter with the wyvern shifter he spurned two hundred years before. The passion between the two men is as strong as ever, but there’s no escaping the expectations of the clan. And giving in to the all-consuming desire for the dragonkin would have devastating consequences.

When Hervé Cinq à Sept travels to the Fey city of Leaich, searching for answers after someone tries to kill him, what he finds rocks his world in a variety of ways and leads him down a path of inescapable hunger. As he finds himself on his knees, lost in desperate need and heading for heartbreak, he realizes why, as a species, the dragonkin no longer believe in love. It’s so easy to lose everything—pride, independence, control—when the one you want to claim can never be yours.

Title: Dragon's Claim
Author: Anya Richards
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Series: Unveiled Seductions
Source: Publisher
Published: April 5, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames

Dragon’s Claim by Anya Richards was an exquisite tale of the unrequited love between long ago friends and the courage they exhibited to pursue and cement their love; even if the love was on hold for two hundred years. Herve and Tala, dragonkin and elf, have been friends for many years. Clan obligations separated the two, leaving their hearts in despair with the knowledge that what they truly desired could never come to pass.

Ms. Richards wove beautiful sentiment and eloquent words as she told the lovers story. The author gave both men strength of character and true forte as each man fought inner turmoil and expressed sentiment worthy of a classical fairy tale. I felt every nuance of their despair and Ms. Richards words brought me to tears.

Ms. Richards allowed the story to flow and evolve at its own pace. Dragon’s Claim was not forced nor gave false pretenses. What I appreciated most from the story was that Ms. Richards permitted the main characters to declare their intentions and love early on and any turmoil in the story was through inner discoveries, which both men were able to overcome. I fell in love with Herve and Tala. I cheered for them from the moment they reentered each other’s lives. And I sobbed at the wonderful HEA written by Anya Richards.

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