Review: Drink of Me by Jacquelyn Frank

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Review: Drink of Me by Jacquelyn Frank

In a world where emotion can be a deadly weapon, one slight, battered runaway holds the key to a dark and twisted enigma..."Drink Of Me", she whispers, her silver eyes trusting, pleading. What female dares speak such words to one of the Sange? His people are scorned by every race for their fierce sensuality, their fearful rituals. And as Prime, Reule is the most telepathically gifted of them all. But nothing has prepared him for the intensity of emotion radiating from the outlander rescued by his Pack. Terrified, tormented, but beautiful beyond measure, Mystique shatters his legendary control. As she reaches for him in the steamy heat of the healing baths, he knows this blind need can have but one end.

Title: Drink of Me
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
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Published by Zebra
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: October 26, 2010
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 371
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: two-half-flames
This review originally posted on April 6, 2011. I’ve read several of Frank’s books from different series. This is a wildly popular author that I have personally given up on. I’ve never read anything that I absolutely loved. She has many fans that do LOVE her books, so it is obviously just something within me.
Drink of Me book takes place in an alternate world with a historical feeling. I love the world that Frank created for her Sange people. They are a telepathic race that communicates with their emotions and feelings. Reule is the Prime Sange, the kingly leader. The people that he works closest with are his Pack. They consist of the Blade, Envoy, Shadow, Assassin, Tracker and Defender. These are all titled positions in the hierarchy of this fascinating and complex world. I loved the characters. The individual personalities and role of Reule’s Pack was very interesting. The Sange live among their own people and are not used to having outsiders with them. Most outsiders stay clear of the Sange people as they do not understand their ways. Outsiders think of the Sange as a slightly barbaric race.
While out on a hunting mission the Reule and his Pack come across a female foundling that has no recollection of who, what or where she is or how she came to be in this predicament. Beaten, starving and over exposure to the elements leaves the Pack with no other options than to take her back to their keep for healing, warmth and food. Mystique is not Sange. She has a vast knowledge of the Sange people and their customs, yet she has no clue where this knowledge came from. I like the fact that Mystique has a complete lack of filter. She puts her feelings and thoughts out there for any and all to know. This makes her a bit of a wild child in this historical type setting. Her bluntness also allows for plenty of romantic intent to be obvious where Reule is concerned. The attraction between the two is obvious from the start. I thought the romance moved a little too slow, but perhaps with the historical tones of the book it is fitting.
The book starts out strong and moves fast. The fact that this is not your typical paranormal keeps the pages turning. I loved the uniqueness of the characters and the world that was created for them. My disappointment was that the book dropped into a 150 page lull, only to pick up for a very exciting ending. I liked the overall idea. The author has set it up to easily lead into a series. The reader is given just enough of a taste of the Pack to be left wanting more of these men. I looked around on her website and this appears to be a stand-alone.
Paranormal Romance

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