Review: Feeling His Steel by Brynn Paulin

October 15, 2015 Review 0

Review: Feeling His Steel by Brynn Paulin

Disgraced and disowned, Sir Alwyn fled his village and certain death, vowing to make a new life. He’ll never forget his lost lover Tobias, but he’ll do what he must to survive. Little does he know, fate has destined his future will be far from anything he’s imagined.
Toby never suspected his study of medieval history would come to life, but he can’t overlook the knight who appears before him, claiming to be his long-lost lover. Firmly in the closet and in danger of losing his job if his sexual orientation is discovered, Toby is stunned by his instant lust for the warrior from the past. Could Sir Alwyn truly have time-traveled to reunite with Toby? Niggling memories tell him the man might be telling the truth.

Inside Scoop: A professor finds his destiny with the hunky medieval knight he loved and lost centuries ago in this scorching male/male tale.

Title: Feeling His Steel
Author: Brynn Paulin
Published by Resplendence Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: April 22, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance, Time Travel
Pages: 107
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Feeling His Steel by Brynn Paulin was a very nice and entertaining read. I enjoyed the aspect of old world England meets modern day. Tobias and Wyn were once squire and knight, friends, and lovers during the thirteenth century. Circumstances parted the lovers, separating them by centuries until one day Wyn finds himself in the future and face to face with his beloved, Tobias.

Tobias has visions and memories that draw him to Wyn, but being in the closet can cause a strain on even the longest running relationship.

I adored Ms. Paulin’s portrayal of these two fine specimens of male flesh. She navigated the emotional roller coaster that battled Wyn and Tobias as they dealt with love lost and separation both through past nightmares and modern insecurities.  Each man was characterized as loving, faithful and forthright.

Wyn and Tobias exhibited sweet dispositions while fiercely loving each other.  They were sexy and lustful, and the sexual chemistry sizzled throughout the story. Ms. Paulin’s walk between the fine line of old world meets modern technology was done with tact and truth.

Feeling His Steel showed how love conquers all and in the face of adversity the truth will always set one free and lead to the road of true happiness.

Brynn Paulin

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