Fireworks by Elaine Coffman

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Fireworks by Elaine Coffman

Blush sensuality level: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic).

Susan's friends drag her to a Montana guest ranch to celebrate her fortieth birthday and take her mind off her woes-her boyfriend has left her for a younger woman and her job is about to dissolve. The birthday fireworks they set off light up more than the night. The resulting brush fire has rancher Wyatt Whittaker burning with temper, but when the flames of anger cool, the city girl and the cowboy consider some fireworks of their own.

A Blush(r) contemporary romance from Ellora's Cave Publisher's Note: This story was previously released elsewhere in 1997 under the title Playing With Fire.

Title: Fireworks
Author: Elaine Coffman
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Source: Publisher
Published: 30 January, 2014
Genres: Romance
Pages: 76
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: one-flame
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Susan is turning forty, and her life is in tumult. Her boyfriend has left her for a younger model and her career is stagnant.  When her girlfriends decide to take her away to a dude ranch in Montana, she is rather shell shocked and hung in her own daydreams,  Romantic fantasies about cowboys and horses, pristine vistas and hours of relaxation are a far cry from the reality of the short, balding ranch hand that meets them at the airport.

From all reaches of the country, the four women: Susan, Beth Ann, Audrey and Berny all live and work in the DC area, and their friendship and support is obvious: the women all relate well to one another, teasing, joking and just listening to tales of woe.   The ranch is starting to work its magic on them, until the fateful night of Susan’s birthday.

Adjoining the guest ranch is the working part of the family land, run by Wyatt.  A bachelor and a touch rough around the edges, Susan is instantly intrigued by his features, even if his personality could use some work.

This was a decent story, although I did have significant problems with the stupidity of Susan when she drinks before getting on a horse for the second time ever in her life, or her perseveration about several job offers upon her return to DC.  Wyatt’s abrupt 180 from being upset with the women who nearly set his ranch on fire after having seriously bad experiences with wildfires in the past, and his concerted efforts to ‘show her how much she means to him’ after an acquaintance of under two weeks.  Yes, there is instant attraction, but the characters arrived partly fleshed out and didn’t  grow: in fact nearly a year passes from first introduction to climax, and in the span of 70 odd pages that just isn’t enough development or story to make me feel their connection.

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