Review ~ Good Girls Don’t Date Rock Stars: Rock Canyon Romance # 2 by Codi Gary

April 22, 2014 Review 0

Review ~ Good Girls Don’t Date Rock Stars: Rock Canyon Romance # 2 by Codi Gary

Gemma Carlson didn't plan on waking up married.

She also didn't count on running into her old flame—and her son's father-turned-country rock star—Travis Bowers, followed by a night of drunken dares. Apparently one of those involved a ring on her finger and a vow … neither of which she intends to keep. Now with a hangover from hell, this good-girl-gone-bad knows there's just one thing to do: run.

Travis has been all over the world, but Gemma has never been far from his thoughts. So when they had the chance to catch up over a few drinks, he didn't hesitate. Of course, he didn't expect it would lead to marriage, or a runaway bride! Travis finally has a second chance and doesn't plan on losing Gemma again—or the son he didn't know he had. He proposes, albeit belatedly, a date. Or rather, a few. If they can make this marriage work by starting over, he stays. If not …

Gemma's not interested; she's got a son to protect and a heart to heal. But having Travis around could make both a little easier. Still, good girls don't date rock stars . . . right?

Title: Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars
Author: Codi Gary
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Series: Rock Canyon Romance #2
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: April 22 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 300
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

From the first page of this book I was drawn in.  When Gemma Carlson wakes up married to country star Travis Bowers who also happens to be the father of her nine year old child that he doesn’t know about, I knew I would be in for a ride.  We are back in Rock Canyon.  A small town introduced in Things Good Girls Don’t Do.  However the couple from TGGDD is barely mentioned so it isn’t necessary to read the series in order.  There are some places and characters that reappear in each book but that’s all.

As a whole I really enjoyed this book.  I liked how Travis never looked at fatherhood as a bad thing.  From the moment he meets his son he always wants to spend time with him and makes a point to keep his promises.  I did feel it was a bit unrealistic the way Charlie (his son) just automatically accepted him into his life with no problems but I guess since he always knew who he was, he was happy just to have him in his life.  I did think he would have a bit of a rebellion and be all “How dare you tell me what to do, you’ve not even been here the last nine years” but that never happened.  Gemma was a bit more annoying to me with her secrets and withholding information.  I did think that Travis forgave her a bit too fast but that is just my vindictive soul speaking.

There are quite a few funny moments in this book.  Gemma’s best friend Gracie is a great comic relief and always says what the reader is thinking.  There is also the gossip column that is intersperced throughout the book with snippets of what is happening in the town. Although it is usually commenting on what is going on with Travis and Gemma, there are times when Gracie and other townfolk are mentioned.

My main complaint with this book was how immature Travis and Gemma were most of the time.  It was mostly Gemma but Travis had his moments as well.  I can understand the childishness of their actions when they were teens but as the story progressed, they just acted so immature that I wanted to smack them both. I am enjoying this town though and I hope we get a story for Gracie soon as well as Gemma’s other best friend, Mike.  There were some seeds planted for both of their stories so hopefully they will come out soon.


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