Review: A Highlander’s Obsession (Highlander’s Beloved #1) by Vonnie Davis

August 22, 2014 Review 0

Review: A Highlander’s Obsession (Highlander’s Beloved #1) by Vonnie Davis

Two wandering souls discover that true love needs no words in this explosive, fantastical novel from Vonnie Davis.

Somehow able to telepathically communicate with animals, Paisley Munro has found meaning in her so-called gifts by working as a veterinary assistant. But while traveling to Scotland for a relative’s funeral, Paisley fears that she really has lost her mind. Out in the highlands, she hears distinctly human thoughts coming from a wild bear. Terrified and desperate, she returns to the lodge and collapses in the powerful arms of its owner, a mysterious man with whom she shares a simmering attraction.

Creighton Matheson and his fellow shape-shifters have been roaming this land freely for centuries. Now Paisley may inherit his home, putting his kind in grave danger. His mistrust only deepens when he realizes she can read his mind. Yet he cannot deny that this tantalizing woman makes him burn with desire—and hunger for the prospect of a tender love. Now Creighton must decide which would hurt more: revealing the truth or losing Paisley forever.

Title: A Highlander's Obsession
Author: Vonnie Davis
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Series: Highlander's Beloved #1
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Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: August 19 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 268
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Paisley Munro travels with her grandmother, Effie, to Scotland for the will reading of a distant relative. Paisley has a unique skill, she has the ability to communicate with animals. While it comes in handy for her job as a vet tech she is afraid that if other find out they will think she’s crazy or a freak. To her surprise when she arrives at the castle they will be staying at, she is able to read the Laird’s thoughts. Creighton Matheson is a bear shifter the Laird of his clan. He takes his responsibilities seriously and when an American woman and her pink haired grandmother come to his castle for a will reading he is concerned about their motives. But when he starts to spend more time with Paisley he is drawn to her in a way he has never been drawn to a woman before.

I really enjoyed Paisley and Creigh as a couple. Their bickering and flirting was fun to read about and makes them feel like a real couple. You can see how their relationship grows throughout the story. There are many times when I wanted to hit Creigh over the head with something right along with Paisley but then he would start to talk in his burr and be all flirty and sexy and I was in agreement with Paisley that he could be forgiven of pretty much anything.

There is also a nice sub-plot with the will and the fall out from that, as well as a clan issue that creeps up occasionally, and the curse that gets mentioned a lot but the story is mostly focused on Paisley and Creighton. I loved the secondary characters, Creigh’s family, Effie, the clan member and also the animals Paisley communicates with. They all have distinct personalities and it was fun to see the interaction of them all.

I do wish we had a bit of an epilogue at the end. We aren’t left with a cliffhanger but I would have liked a bit more information about what the conclusion was in regards to the curse. I can deduce how it will end but I would have liked a bit more with the characters.

This is the first book I have read by Davis but I really enjoyed it so it will not be my last. I am excited to see where she goes with this series and which brother (since I am assuming she will write about a brother next) will have the next book.



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