Review: His to Keep (Out of Uniform) by Katee Robert

May 5, 2014 Review 2

Review: His to Keep (Out of Uniform) by Katee Robert

He’s always wanted her. Now’s his chance to claim what’s his.

School teacher Marceline Bellini gave up everything—men, sex, anything resembling a social life—to raise her young daughter. To be the perfect parent. But when she attends an engagement party in her standard stick-in-the-mud mode, her friends begin plying Marcy with shots. Just enough to convince her that a little fun doesn't sound like a bad idea... and having some naughty fun is an even better one.

Like finding herself deliciously pressed against a dark alley wall by the very familiar and very hot body of her best friend's older brother.

After years of waiting in painful silence, police officer Aaron Robinson finally has Marcy’s attention. And man, does he have it. But nothing could have prepared either of them for the rush of fiery lust between them. So he’ll just have to convince Marcy he’s for real. And that a rainy, lust-fuelled romp is the first step to a lifetime of completely imperfect happiness

Title: His to Keep
Author: Katee Robert
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Series: Out of Uniform
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Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: April 28 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 100
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

This is my first book by Roberts and I enjoyed it a lot.  The characters were ineresting had great chemistry.  I would have liked more discriptions of what they looked like but they were still enjoyable. It is often mentioned that Aaron is tall, or towers over people, or takes up a lot of space.  He also thinks about how he usually hunches his shoulders to seem smaller.  We never really learn how tall he is, or Marcy is for that matter.

Marcy and Aaron were great together.  I liked how there was a history there but it wasn’t a typical freinds to lovers senario since they weren’t all that close.  I was surprised with how quickly things escalated between them sexually but since it was a novella it made sense there wasn’t a lot of build up.  I did find the sex at an elementry school questionable but its fiction so not that big of a deal.  Also, Marcy’s daughter was written more like a five year old than three.  At least the three year olds I have been around aren’t that laquatious or able to carry on a conversation the way she did.

This was a pretty quick read but it was a great intorduction into this series.  There were several other characters mentioned that I believe have books as well and I will be looking for them.  I enjoyed the small town atmosphere of the the book I just wich I had more.  I did like that there was an epilogue so we got to see a little bit in the future of what Marcy and Aaron’s lives will be like.

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  1. s0ph1ar0s3

    I haven’t read any of her stuff either, but this series looks good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Megan!

  2. lisagk

    I’ve had this book on my TBR. Thanks for the review.