Love Thine Enemy by Virginia Cavanaugh

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Love Thine Enemy by Virginia Cavanaugh

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Jasmine fights hard to defend her shapeshifter pack when a wave of savage wolves descends on them. As she notices one of her fellow pack mates going down, she plows into the dark-furred wolf on top. They roll together from the force of the blow, but when they stop, and his golden eyes meet hers, she never expects what happens next.

Shadeau immediately knows this fierce wolf is his mate and isn’t about to let her get away. Carrying her off, he plans to convince her to make a new start with him and forgive that he was a member of the rogue pack. Passion burns between them as hot as their tempers do.

Shadeau knows Jasmine is worth the fight and he’s going to have to make sacrifices to prove he can be trusted. He just hopes that in the end she can find a way to love her enemy.

Title: Love Thine Enemy
Author: Virginia Cavanaugh
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Series: Lycan Lust #3
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Source: Publisher
Published: April 4 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 170
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

Jasmine is helping her pack fight off an attack when she stumbles across her mate.  The only problem is that he is one of the wolves they are fighting.  When Shadeau realizes that Jasmine is meant to be his mate he quickly cuts ties with his old pack and runs off with her.  But the odds are stacked against them and they have to figure out is enemy’s can be mates and fall in love.

This book takes up right after the first book.  We see the kidnapping/taking of Jasmine in When Lust Rules.  This book can be read as a stand alone but the series should be read in order for the most enjoyment.

From the first page I was interested in this book.  We are thrown right into a battle and Jasmine and Shadeau meet right off.  I would have liked a bit more get to know you time after but most of the time Jasmine and Shadeau are together they are trying to figure out if they can actually be together since they were enemy’s.  That said there is a great chemistry between them and you can practically see the steam rising from the pages as they circle each other.  Cavanaugh writes some very sexy scenes!

We get some progression with the continuing story arc which is nice as well as quite a few new characters and some older ones that come to the fore front.  I did feel like this was a very short story but really it was just a quick read since I was pretty into the story.  The pace moves quickly and there is plenty of action to keep a reader engaged.   I am hoping for another book soon.

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