Review: Mercy and Redemption (Mercy #2) by Cris Anson

September 24, 2013 Review 2

Review: Mercy and Redemption (Mercy #2) by Cris Anson

Although this book is a standalone, we recommend reading Punishment and Mercy first.

While searching an old cemetery for likely gravestones to illustrate her colonial cookbook, Mercy Howe meets two hunks who are tracing their ancestry, and sparks fly. Literally. When Mercy casually touches Seth and Adam, her vividly erotic vision involving all three of them feels like a memory, not a dream, and awakens long-dormant sexual urges. Their kisses are achingly familiar, and she welcomes each in turn into her body. Then she spends a no-holds-barred weekend with both men in her bed and discovers an intimacy-and a past-that blows her mind. As memories resurface from three hundred years ago, Mercy will have to choose whether to relive the experiences from their joint past or forge a new bond with either Seth or Adam. Or both.

Inside Scoop: Contains m/m/f menage and one doubly satisfied heroine!

Title: Mercy and Redemption
Author: Cris Anson
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Series: Mercy
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: 9 January 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Menage, Romance
Pages: 148
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Stars: five-stars

Mercy is on a mission to discover the perfect ‘rubbing’ of some old tombstones for the cover of her new cookbook. She discovers more then she bargains for when she not only stumble upon 3 tombstones with her name along with those of a Seth and an Adam but also the very same Adam and Seth that have been haunting her dreams.

This was both titillating and fascinating. The characters were very well described and the story telling was so passionate and deep that I was lost in the book from the word go. The idea of reincarnation is not new – but the way it was told in this book renewed the concept for me.

It’s a fantastic tale of one woman faced with the choice of two men. Two men who appear to both be perfect for her in their own way. Cris Anson keeps you guessing till the last possible moment which of the lovely men will become her life partner.

A great book – worth a read

Cris Anson

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