Review: Midnight’s Promise (Dark Warriors #8) by Donna Grant

October 26, 2013 Review 1

Review: Midnight’s Promise (Dark Warriors #8) by Donna Grant


For centuries, Malcolm has struggled against the forces of darkness—and bears the scars to prove it. Hardened by a lifetime of fighting, he is more warrior than man, incapable of feeling love or compassion. But one stormy night, he pulls a beautiful woman from a car wreck—and experiences a rush of fiery emotion that could melt even the hardest of hearts.


Since childhood, Evangeline Walker has felt the magic growing inside her. Descended from Druids, she is the perfect vessel for ancient magic—and evil. Evie knows she should trust no one, not even Malcolm, whose strong touch and tender kiss she craves. But after she makes a devil’s bargain to save her half-brother, this fearsome warrior may be the only man who can protect her—with his heart, his body, and his soul.

Title: Midnight's Promise
Author: Donna Grant
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Series: Dark Warriors
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Midnight's Lover, Midnight's Seduction, Midnight's Warrior, Midnight's Kiss Part I
Published by St Martin's
Source: Author
Published: Oct 29, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 464
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Malcolm has lived with guilt longer than he cares to remember. He knows that it is something he will never be rid of. He has distanced himself from all of those that could ever love him. His guilt makes him believe that they hate him as much as he hates himself. Accustomed to a life of solitude he does not know what to do when he finds Evie.

Running from an unknown foe and believing she is the last of her kind Evie is shocked to find a man who knows exactly what she is. Her excitement over not being alone in the world throws Malcolm off. He is used to others fearing him. Evie is not at all what I expected on so many accounts. She and Malcolm are so alike in so many ways and so completely different from one another.

Evie and Malcolm is a couple that makes it completely impossible not to love them. There are so many great couples in Donna Grant’s Dark Warriors series. It seems like at the end of each book I think to myself ‘this is my favorite couple.’ It is so easy to think this of Malcolm and Evie. The Malcolm that readers have known for so many books deserves so much more than what he believes he does. Evie is the balm that his soul so desperately needs.

Favorite quote: Malcolm to Guy: “I’d like to say that I donna crave the feel of her magic. I’d like to tell you that I could walk away and forget her kisses or the way she feels in my arms. But I’d be lying. Evie found my soul, and in the process touched my heart.”

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