Review: Never a Hero (Tucker Springs #5) by Marie Sexton

May 15, 2013 Review 3

Review: Never a Hero (Tucker Springs #5) by Marie Sexton

Everyone deserves a hero.

Owen Meade is desperately in need of a hero. Raised by a mother who made him ashamed of his stutter, his sexual orientation, and his congenitally amputated arm, Owen lives like a hermit in his Tucker Springs apartment. But then hunky veterinarian Nick Reynolds moves in downstairs.

Nick is sexy and confident, and makes Owen comfortable with himself in a way nobody ever has. He also introduces Owen to his firecracker of a little sister, who was born with a similar congenital amputation but never let it stand in her way. When she signs the two of them up for piano lessons—and insists that they play together in a recital—Owen can’t find a way to say no. Especially since it gives him a good excuse to spend more time with Nick.

Owen knows he’s falling hard for his neighbor, but every time he gets close, Nick inexplicably pulls away. Battling his mother’s scorn and Nick’s secrets, Owen soon realizes that instead of waiting for a hero, it’s time to be one—for himself and for Nick.

Title: Never a Hero
Author: Marie Sexton
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Series: Tucker Springs
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Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: May 13, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 167
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

Never the Hero by Marie Sexton was a beautifully written story that dealt with realistic issues that held no bias for gender or sexual orientation. In Never a Hero, the trials and tribulations of the residences of Tucker Springs unfold even more as Nick, a veterinarian who has recently relocated, moved into the house-turned apartments below Owen. Each man is special and has a very distinct facet in their lives that they consider damaging.

Ms. Sexton seized the opportunity to infuse the damaged traits as perceived by the characters, and created a distinct strength that gave sweet reticence to the story and hope to any with a disability.

The story was brilliantly written, creating a world of sensitivity and reality through the psyche of both Nick and Owen. Ms. Sexton gave life to Owen as he attempted to find a place in the world where physical deformity is not the norm and neither is acceptance. But, what is truly normal? I found myself mulling this fact over in my head as I read the book and felt the angst of both Nick and Owen.

For the sake of a tangent, in my other life I teach Social Psychology and one of the first things that I teach my students is-What is normal and who decides? I applaud Ms. Sexton for delivering the inner turmoil that someone feels when they perceive the cards are stacked against them and the chance given to overcome their barriers in life.

Nick, was portrayed as strong willed and almost unattainable, but he also had inner demons that would not allow him to move forward. In my summation, Ms. Sexton turned the tables on the strong and made him the one who truly needed the strength. Owen was that strength. Owen was written as the quiet calm in the storm that was Nick’s life, and soon the men realized their struggles could be their greatest assets if they worked together and not apart.

Never a Hero delivered charm and sex appeal; another layer to the story. As I read the book I found myself realizing that although sex is a natural part of any relationship, it was not the defining factor. Ms. Sexton conveyed sensuality in the sex scenes as opposed to lustful sex; touch and caress, feathery kisses.  A far better attribute for the purpose of the book.

I finished the book lighter in my heart as Nick and Owen had reason to go forth and live a fulfilling life, together. Ms. Sexton did not deliver easy solutions nor belittle any situation, but she did demonstrate that the need for companionship, friendship and love is tantamount to surviving in a world where the norm is not always what we see on the outside but more importantly what is on the inside.

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  1. Nae

    Beautiful review. I’m so glad this Tucker Springs book turned out so wonderful.

  2. Trix

    I’m so sorry about Padawan, but it is *very* cool that he gets to live on through your books!