Review: Pack Hunter (Were Chronicles #8) by Crissy Smith

November 25, 2013 Review 0

Review: Pack Hunter (Were Chronicles #8) by Crissy Smith

The best hunter for the wolf shifters has met his match when he’s introduced to the small town human who captures his attention and heart.

Clint Price is enjoying his temporary assignment with the Alpha Council. The best part of every day is his morning visit to the local coffee shop. He soon finds himself enchanted by the human business owner.

Sara Webb hadn’t known that shifters really existed, so finding out that the large compound just outside of town was full of them was a shock. One look at Clint and she is more than intrigued.

When the town of Lovington is invaded with protesters and Clint is threatened, the residents come together in support. With the help of their friends and family, Clint and Sara fight for both their newfound love and shifter freedom.

Title: Pack Hunter
Author: Crissy Smith
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Series: Were Chronicles
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Pack Daughter, Pack Territory , Pack Alpha, Pack Rogue
Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: October 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 71
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Sara has had her eye on Clint for a while.  He comes in each day and orders a coffee from her shop but he doesn’t say much.  Little does she know that Clint has been watching her as well.  However, he is a shifter doesn’t know if she would be open to a relationship with him since she’s human.  When circumstances draw them together they start to open up to one another and let their feeling show.

Clint is a hunter for his pack and currently working for the Alpha Council. Sara is the sheriff’s daughter and coffee shop owner in the town close to the compound where the council is located.  I enjoyed watching Clint and Sara together.  This is a short novella so we don’t get a lot of detail or time spent with them which is unfortunate.  I would have loved to read more about them as they grew as a couple.   The circumstances of their courtship are rushed since there is danger lurking in their town but I think it made it more intense and enjoyable.

There are a lot of secondary characters, many of which have been featured in previous books in this series but if you haven’t read them, you won’t be too left out.  I would advise reading the series in order as the plot lines do carry over from book to book.  So far each book is about a different couple and they each get their happy for now (and probably ever after) as they work against the enemies of the shifter community.

I do enjoy this series.  Each book is short which I don’t always love but it is sometimes nice to get a quick satisfying read.  However I think a good mark of a great book is that the reader still wants more when it’s over.  I will continue to follow this series.  The characters are engaging and fun.  Each book introduces new characters that I want to learn about and a world that keeps changing and remains interesting.

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