Review: 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life by Lucy Woodhull

August 17, 2016 Review 0

Review: 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life by Lucy Woodhull

Sometimes, there’s nowhere to go but f*ck up…

If you love Broad City and Bridget Jones, you’ll adore Dagmar Kostopoulos…and her colossal fuck-ups.

Twenty-something Dag has always been the ‘perfect’ woman. Responsible, honest to a fault, hard-working. Even her bras are no-nonsense. And for what? Her boyfriend dumps her for being boring, and her boss fires her for not sucking on his nether regions to get promoted. What’s a perfectionist overachiever to do? A complete one-eighty.

To heck with rules—Dag orchestrates a spectacular fall from grace by ruining her life exactly six-hundred-sixty-six times, and finally has a little naughty fun. Some scandalous Spandex and a few bar lies later, tame little Dagmar becomes Giselle, ballsy siren.

The wild thing is…it works! Dag gets a better job and meets the sexiest man she’s ever known. Well, Giselle meets him. Dagmar doesn’t exist. Except that she does, and her escapades just became a ticking time bomb, one that might blow her heart to smithereens.

Join Dag for her irresistible and hilarious fuck-ups, because every good girl needs to inject a little bad girl sizzle into her veins.

Title: 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life
Author: Lucy Woodhull
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: August 16, 2016
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 298
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Let me start with the reason why I chose to read this book – the title! That alone lured me in. To be able to answer the question what are you reading with 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life. Yes, I wanted the bragging rights to have that title under my belt. Little did I know I was going to be screaming from the rooftops this is a must read book.

Responsible, honest to a fault, hard-working, Dag has spent her entire life trying to be perfect. Then in one day, everything came crashing down. She loses her editing dream job because she wouldn’t put out. She heads home to tell her live-in boyfriend, only to find out he’s taken a job in L.A. and is moving – without her. Then of all things, she gets stood up by her dad, via a trip to Hawaii, with her twin sister, that she wasn’t invited to. All that work to be perfect has gotten her no, so Dag decides to throw rules out the window, stop being Polly Perfect and live a little. Or in her case, a lot!

How do I begin to describe a book that had me laughing to hard my sides hurt? Honestly, I expected to chuckle but not have tears streaming down my face from laughing. The story starts out with one bad thing happening after another, Fired, dumped, abandoned. What’s a girl to do but get rip-roaring drunk and scheme with her bestie. That’s when Dag hatches the plan to shed her straight and narrow path for the wild side and flip off the world. The shenanigans she comes up with are completely insane and I loved every minute of it. To make it even more fun Dag comes up with item #4. Start attention-whore overshare blog. The list goes on and on as she struggles through shedding her goodie two-shoe world.

The real winner for her biggest f*ck item which turns everything from funny to hysterical is when Dag meets her romantic interest, Yash. To keep her f*cking-up list going she tells him her name is Giselle and she is a flight attendant. The lengths she goes to keeping up the lie are incredible. He’s sincere in his feeling for her but afraid to get hurt again, she continues to perpetuate the lie and her items list and it all blows up in her face. I would call that a spoiler except, come on folks, you KNOW it will all eventually catch up to her. However, the hows and the whys are up to you, the reader to discover. All I will say expect lots of booze, hangers, and even bird poop to keep things very entertaining.
There is an amazeball collection of characters that are along for the ride. The first is her bestie, Mel, who is proverbial angel/devil on her shoulders. One minute telling her to come clean, the next egging her on. Taylor, her current boss at the coffee shop as well as her co-workers there. The story is not without its scumbags. Carmichael and Blade. Ex- boss and ex-boyfriend. Ya know that saying the bigger they are the harder they fall? Let’s just say, they get their comeuppance courtesy of someone working on a f*cking up list particularly entry #7. *Insert evil smile*

As my very first book, and certainly not the last, 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life was a killer introduction to author Lucy Woodhull. This fast-paced book was loaded with laughs, a few tears, and characters I would love to have as friends. I think I may have just found my new go-to book and author when I need a pick-me-up. As for my recommendation – Read. 667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life. Now.

667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life
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