Review: A Billionaire Takes a Hard Line (Alpha Billionaire Romantic Suspense) (The Thorntons Book 1) by Nic Saint

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Review: A Billionaire Takes a Hard Line (Alpha Billionaire Romantic Suspense) (The Thorntons Book 1) by Nic Saint
When Anna Moonstone has a brutal tryst with her boss, her boyfriend abruptly dumps her. Humiliated, she quits her job and accepts an offer for an internship at the Thornton Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York. She’s immediately made to feel welcome by her handsome and charming colleague Scott Harris and they become fast friends. And more. But in spite of the growing attraction, Anna can’t resist to throw herself into the New York club scene, and promptly fall prey to notorious ladies’ man Ty de Montesquieu. Little does she know that her every move is being observed by Scott, who is not who he says he is.When Scott meets Anna, he falls for her—hard. The fact that she’s damaged goods doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. But when a date with Ty turns deadly, he’ll have to dig deep to save her, both from the clutches of his arch-nemesis and from herself.Can Anna accept the love of a good man? Or will her self-destructiveness destroy this final chance at true love?
Title: A Billionaire Takes a Hard Line
Author: Nic Saint
Published by Puss in Print Publications
Source: Publisher
Published: November 10th 2014
Genres: Dark Erotica
Pages: 164 pages
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: five-flames

Well I know I did not care for this book. I give it a three star rating because the writing was good and the storyline intriguing. That being said, it should list numerous disclaimers! No where in the blurb does it talk about gang rape, incest, or S and M. This book could be a huge trigger for some! I am not a fan of dark erotica but I am not even sure it fits in that category either-those usually being screw with your head type stories. This is about Anna who is brutally attacked by her boss and his chauffeur and tossed out like last week’s trash. The sad thing is Anna realizes she got off on the humiliation and pain. This wasn’t a controlled pain for pleasure like in BDSM scenes. This was brutal, hurting pain for the sake of causing pain-no pleasure to be found here. She quits her job and goes to New York to find her father-whom ran out on her mother while she was pregnant. She gets a job at a retail clothing store and meets Scott-who seems to be a very nice man.

Scott instantly falls for Anna. He is fabulous to look at but Anna is told Scott is gay. They become fast friends, but both are feeling an attraction to each other. Scott isn’t gay and that’s just one of his secrets. They decide to have sex. But because Scott is so nice to her-she stops him literally in the middle because its so dull. She takes off and ends up at a club. She hooks up with a family rival, Ty, who beats her and sexually abuses her. He then casts her aside like males in her life have before. She admits she likes and craves it. Anna is seriously in need of a shrink. She questions her unusual sexual needs, but that’s as far as it goes. There are many times Scott says it as well. He tells her he loves her but can’t give her what she supposedly needs so he breaks it off. She runs off again and meets up for more abuse with Ty. Only this time he has brought friends……

I do not enjoy this type of story, although I did finish it. It is billed as a dark BDSM story but it really isn’t. BDSM cornerstone is safe and consensual, this is just plain violent. The violence involved just keeps escalating with a culmination of the gang-rape. The gang-rape was not detailed -but you can piece together what happened when they carry her bloodied, listless body from the club. Scott rescues her but knows there will be retaliation for his actions.

The subplot throughout is the possibility of incest. I have read taboo stories and the possibility of incest didn’t really bother me. Nic Saint did a good job of writing this story-thus the three stars. The characters are well-written and there are quite a few plot punches to keep you along for the ride. I just loathed the brutality. Please add some disclaimers!



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