Review: A Marrying Man by Sandrine Gasq Dion

August 24, 2013 Review 1

Review: A Marrying Man by Sandrine Gasq Dion

It’s been almost a year since a disastrous bet dropped Blaine McKlintock and his best friend, Kent Samson in hot water. Now, Kent is getting ready to propose to Terry Barron. Blaine couldn’t be happier for his best friend, but when Kent asks Blaine to plan the wedding, Blaine is thrown for a loop, especially when Kent drops another bomb. Spencer Cassidy will be helping. Blaine remembers Spencer very well, but the former Wall Street force doesn’t seem to remember him. Blaine’s changed a lot since the bet, but will Spencer see it too?

Title: A Marrying Man
Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: July 17, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 133
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Stars: four-stars
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The Marrying Man by Sandrine Gasq Dion was the continuation of her tale A Betting Man. In The Marrying Man, Blaine found himself planning a wedding for friend Kent and his partner Terry, who he inadvertently brought together in the first place.

Assisting him in planning the wedding was Spencer, who Blaine had secretly crushed on for years. The two men begin the dance of the enamored but are afraid of what may come. As their feelings grow stronger so do the complications, but yes, an HES was in their cards.

I appreciated the turmoil that Ms. Dion presented with these characters. They were not immediately thrown into the throes of passion but discovered life lessons that guided their budding relationship. The secondary and supporting characters were also well thought out and added to the dimension of the book.

I look forward to reading more stories in this beautiful series.

l.c. chase

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