Review: A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (A Matter of Time) by Mary Calmes

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Review: A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (A Matter of Time) by Mary Calmes

Vol. 1 (Books One and Two)

Jory Keyes leads a normal life as an architect’s assistant until he is witness to a brutal murder. Though initially saved by police Detective Sam Kage, Jory refuses protective custody—he has a life he loves that he won’t give up no matter who is after him. But Jory’s life is in real jeopardy, especially after he agrees to testify about what he saw.

While dealing with attempts on his life, well-meaning friends who want to see him happy, an overly protective boss, and a slowly unfolding mystery that is much more sinister than he could ever imagine, the young gay man finds himself getting involved with Sam, the conflicted and closeted detective. And though Jory may survive the danger, he may not survive a broken heart.

Title: A Matte of Time Vol 1
Author: Mary Calmes
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Series: A Matter of Time
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Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: August 2, 2010
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 280
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

I am so pleased that I read A Matter of Time, Vol 1 at a time where I can immediately dive into Vol 2. If this were not the case I’m not sure what my rating would be of this book. I do know it would be very low. I go into my romances for the happily ever after. This doesn’t even end on a happy for now. Having read All Kinds of Tied Down I know that Jory and Sam will eventually get their happily ever after. The road that gets them there is obviously going to be one hell of a painful ride. This ends on something that makes me and I’m sure every other reader scramble to get the next book. So you’ve been warned. Be sure to purchase both books at once.

Jory and Sam meet at a rather turbulent time in Jory’s life. Jory is young and still enjoying the energy of his youth. He works, he socializes, and he parties the night away. All of this is set to repeat the following day. Sam is in his mid thirties and a detective. He dates the women that his friends introduces his to. Sam is living the life that he feels people expect of him. Jory is living the life that he wants. They are both happy with their lives just the way they are until the moment they are thrown together due to the crime that Jory witnesses.

I’m personally having a love hate relationship with both Jory and Sam. Sam is an ass. He treats Jory like dirt on the bottom of his shoe half the time and like a special bauble to be worshipped the other times. Jory allows this. Jory is a young hot mess. Dane and Sam both tell him how exhausting he is, with regularity. After Jory witnesses the crime and law enforcement recommends protective custody he declines the offer. Jory is attacked on multiple occasions yet he never really heeds the ‘lay low’ advice. Jory walks a fine line on too stupid to live. Throw in the closeted detective that fights his feelings tooth and nail and it makes for a read that is so entertaining that you can’t put it down.

Favorite quotes that really sum of the relationship that these two men have.

Sam to Jory: “Cause it would be a helluva lot easier if I didn’t feel like this.”

Jory to Sam: “It’s just gonna end badly. It always does.”

Paranormal Romance

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