Review: A Matter of Time, Vol. 2 (A Matter of Time #3-4) by Mary Calmes

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Review: A Matter of Time, Vol. 2 (A Matter of Time #3-4) by Mary Calmes

Three years ago, Jory Harcourt changed his name and shut the door on a past full of pain, only to emerge stronger on the other side. He has a new career, a great working partner, and a satisfying life—except for the hole in his chest left behind when police Detective Sam Kage walked out with his heart.

Now Sam's back and he knows what he wants... and what he wants is Jory. Jory, who doesn't know if he can survive another break up or losing Sam to his dangerous job, resists returning to the arms of the only man he has ever truly loved. But when a serial killer with a score to settle targets Jory, he will have to decide if love is worth the danger as he tries to solve the case and keep Sam safe.

Title: A Matter of Time
Author: Mary Calmes
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Series: A Matter of Time
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Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: August 2, 2010
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 298
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

This is the second volume, also the third and fourth books in Mary Calmes A Matter of Time series. It picks up three years after the end of the first volume, first and second books. I recommend reading the first volume before delving into more of Jory’s messy life. Even though we are three years into Jory growing up he still makes numerous phenomenally ridiculous decisions that make Sam Kage rage.

Sam did exactly what he said he was going to do at the end of the first book. He left Jory to go hunt down the people that were responsible for the harm that befell Jory in that book. The problem is that it took much longer than anyone ever thought possible and then there was Sam not knowing where and how to pick back up the pieces of Jory and his hearts. Jory on the other hand has fell back into his wild clubbing and random hook up days.

I plan on reading some different, other books before I go further into Jory and Sam’s life. While I enjoy following them through their life (there is some serious entertainment here) some things just seem too loosely tied and not entirely thought out. Jory is still having many too stupid to live moments, Sam is still trying to contain Jory’s aloofness, and I’m still wondering how Sam will ever make it into the US Marshall Service. I mean just reflecting on how he can’t keep up with Jory within these pages and the fact that Jory becomes a big time crime solver while no one else can see the obvious makes that point.

I’m slightly annoyed that I got chapters on two different weddings for some secondary characters but all I got of Jory and Sam’s wedding was a paragraph mention a year after the fact. Although considering that this is all from Jory’s point of view and he is a bit scattered in all his thoughts it can makes sense that he glosses over thoughts of his own wedding while making a big deal of others.

Paranormal Romance

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