Review: A SEAL’s Courage (Military Match #1) by J.M. Stewart

July 11, 2017 Review 0

Review: A SEAL’s Courage (Military Match #1) by J.M. Stewart

A sizzling new series about three friends looking for love-and the sexy SEALs who are ready to fulfill their craziest fantasies.

He's a man on a mission.
Navy SEAL Trent Lawson isn't a man to back down from a challenge. Ever since he opened his eyes in that army hospital to learn the men from his unit were gone, Trent has been determined to live life in their honor. Even if that means facing his most terrifying mission yet . . . dating.

She's done playing games.
Lauren Hayes has standards. In fact, she's got an entire list of them. There's only ever been one man to come close to making the cut-Trent Lawson. Except her best friend's too-sexy-for-his-own-good brother is strictly off-limits.

When Trent and Lauren find themselves matched up by a dating service, the chemistry between them is nothing short of explosive. They both know getting involved is a huge mistake, but life is too short to walk away from something this good.

Title: A SEAL's Courage
Author: J.M. Stewart
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Published by Forever Yours
Source: Publisher
Published: July 11, 2017
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 225 page pages
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Stars: five-stars
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JM Stewart

A SEAL’s Courage is such an amazing book to read!  I devoured it in one sitting! Food-no, Bathroom-no, Phone-off! I didn’t move! It was that good!

Trent Lawson is returning home from the military SEAL unit after suffering injuries while serving.  He also is carrying the weight of his friends who lost their lives on the same mission.  He’s the only one who made it out alive.  He vows to honor them and do things that they are no longer here to do.  The very first thing? Find love.  They all wanted it but it was elusive.  The thought scares him something awful, but he is bound to try.  He signs up for a dating site hoping to meet someone that lets him enjoy life again-if he makes a life match-even better.

Lauren Hays has been infatuated with her best friend’s brother for what seems like forever.  Problem? She feels he’s off limits and out of her league anyway.  She wants to meet that special someone, but Lauren has standards.  She won’t just date anyone but she has to start somewhere.  Her friends have her join an online dating site matching military men.  They figures the men are used to rules and standards-what better place to look, right??  When Lauren arrives for her matched date, it turns out to be none other that the fabulously off-limits Trent!

I loved this romance from the start!  Both Trent and Lauren seemed real and I could be friends with them! Yes both had quirks like we all do, but they were very likable and that endeared me to their story. Trent was transitioning back to civilian life and I liked how the author was sympathetic to that.  Some do it well, but others have a hard time letting go of their feelings.  Trent seen a lot, and he lost a lot.  That’s hard for anyone to deal with.  J.M. Stewart did the research to tell Trent’s tale well! I also loved how we get dual POV! I always want to know what each person is thinking, and seeing things from both Lauren and Trent’s views made this story very well written!

Trent and Lauren will steal your heart! Their story captivated me and I highly recommend you check it out!




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About the Author

J.M. Stewart is a coffee and chocolate addict who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two sons and two very spoiled dogs. She’s a hopeless romantic who believes everybody should have their happily ever after and has been devouring romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her obsession.

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A SEAL's Courage

“Then be my first.” Lauren drew a deep breath and pressed herself into his arms, sliding her hands up his back. “It’s not like I’m asking you to do me right here and now. It can happen at whatever pace you need it to.”

He cupped her chin in his palm, brow furrowed, gaze intense. “You’re okay with that?”

She lifted onto her toes, trying to close the space between them. “I’m okay with that. If it makes you feel better to put a label on this, consider us friends with benefits. When it stops being mutually satisfying, it ends.”

She’d just have to be sure to keep her head in the right place, so that her heart didn’t get broken in the end. This was a fling with a sexy guy, no more, no less.

He let out an agonized groan and brushed his mouth over hers, so lightly she shivered. “God, I can’t resist you anymore. I have a few requests.”

Her heart hammered in giddy anticipation. She hadn’t expected him to accept. That he had sent myriad thoughts flying through her mind, all of which settled low in her belly. “Okay.”

He pulled back. For a moment his gaze dropped as his fingers idly stroked her shoulder, like he couldn’t help but touch her. “You can’t tell Mandy.”

Lauren rolled her eyes. “Trent, she’s my best friend.”

“Yeah, but she’s my sister. The last thing I need is her privy to the intimate details of my prowess in the bedroom.” He brushed his nose against hers, amusement glinting in his eyes. “I recall overhearing a conversation about size once.”

Heat rushed into her face, but Lauren couldn’t contain her grin. She recalled that exact conversation. They hadn’t discussed him, exactly, but she remembered distinctly wondering.

“All right. On this I’ll concede, because you have a point.” She rubbed a circle over his chest. “What else?”

“I want to put a time limit on this. A month. When it’s over, we go back to being just friends.” His hands looped around her waist, pulling her flush against him. Heat flared in his eyes. “I also think we should ease into this. So my last request is no sex.”

Lauren dropped her forehead to his shoulder with an exasperated sigh. “I’m never going to lose my virginity that way.”

He chuckled and hooked two fingers beneath her chin, tilting her gaze back to his. His eyes blazed at her. “At least not right away. I’m proposing we do everything else first. Because I was thinking…you want the full experience, right?”

She shrugged. He had her there. “I guess.”

“And that includes things like kissing. Touching.” He leaned down, his voice lowering to a husky rumble against her mouth. “Tasting.”

A hot little shudder moved through her as her mind filled with the possibilities: his rough hands closing around her breasts, fingers sliding into her panties, stroking her sex.

His warm mouth buried between her thighs.

“I like that idea. Doing it all. How ’bout, since you stayed last night, instead of lunch today, we start with dinner tomorrow night?” She pinned him with a direct stare and arched a brow, attempting to look fierce, but one corner of her mouth twitched, betraying her. “You still owe me a date.”

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