Review: A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer

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Review: A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer

History says the Knights Templar were destroyed in 1307.
History is wrong.

Vampires haunt the sewers beneath Rome, revenants desecrate graveyards, ghouls devour helpless passersby, and incubi stalk dark alleys and seedy nightclubs in Italy’s capital. Deep in the Vatican, a brotherhood exists, sworn protectors of the earth, and they stand firm against monsters from the dark depths. Operating in secret and silence, they protect our world from the sinister, the etheric, and from the evils that exist beyond the Veil.

But it’s a lonely life, and Alain Autenberg knows that more than most. His lover was ripped from him years ago and he vowed never to get close to another soul again. Even when the loneliness presses down on him, and his empty heart cries out for something more.

Something more comes in Cristoph Hasse, a new soldier arriving in Rome to serve in the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Young, brash, and fitting in at right angles everywhere he goes, Cris struggles in the murky, deceptive labyrinth of the Vatican. Propelled forward by a past he can’t understand, Cris collides with Alain, and both men crash headfirst into the darkest secret of the Vatican… and of the world.

Title: A Time to Rise
Author: Tal Bauer
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Series: Apocalypse Of The Angels #1
Published by Nine Star Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 05/02/2016
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 319
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Stars: five-stars
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You want me  to be enthusiastic about a book?  It is fairly easy! You just have to write a paranormal M/M romance set in Vatican and throw some Templars in the mix. Oh, wait a minute! That is what A Time To Rise is all about!!! Do I need to tell you that this book is a homerun? That I can’t take enough of it? That I am so happy that it is the first book of a series? I guess not! This book was completely and utterly amazing!

Alain is a character that is bitter and closed off toward the others.  Once upon a time he found who he thought was the love of his life.  Both of them were Swiss guards in the Vatican and were assigned on a special project.  This is a secret task force and only a few people knew its existence (one of them being the Pope).  Their daily task was to hunt demons, vampires all the others paranormal species that are haunting Rome.   On a battle against vampires, he lost the man that he loved.  Since then, he is living in isolation and only talks to Father Lotario (who is on the task force with him) and to his commandant.  Then his world was turned upside down when he has to mentor Christoph Haas.

Christoph Haas is a new recruit in the Swiss guard.  He has quite a temper and he is not one to bend easily.  His immediate superior is Luca and let’s just say that Alain and Luca are not getting along at all (it is closer to hate than anything else).  Chris is caught in-between their feud.  To make the matter worse the attraction between Alain and Chris is getting stronger and stronger.  Alain doesn’t want to bring Chris into his world of chaos, but in the light of some events, he doesn’t have any choices.  Slowly, along with a lot of pull and push, a relationship is starting to blossom.  We have to wait a while until they get physical, but let me tell you that the wait worth it!  There is no denying that the chemistry between both of them is electric.

There is a lot of violence and blood.  I am not usually a fan of those, however, it was included in such a way that it did provide insights into the story.  This book is just amazing, I really loved the Templars historical details that give the story an historical perspective.  Tal Bauer is a talented writer.  Character development is great and I love how he included different twists that had me on the edge of my seat while I was reading it.  The last three or four of chapters are incredible!! I was so caught in the story that I read it while I walking home from work (which can be kind of dangerous for me!!).

If you are a fan of PNR (or not) you absolutely have to read this book!!!

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