Review: A Vampire in New York and Other Stories (Dark Dates Short Stories Book 5) by Tracey Sinclair

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Review: A Vampire in New York and Other Stories (Dark Dates Short Stories Book 5) by Tracey Sinclair

The hunter Cain investigates a series of grisly deaths in an English tourist hotspot. A lonely vampire joins Laclos for a thrilling, dangerous and blood-fuelled odyssey through New York after dark. While a girls’ night out for Cass, Medea and Katie takes a very deadly turn…

Snarky, sexy and unexpected, these three stories let you catch up with your favourite Dark Dates characters. Find out what they get up to when they think no one is watching…

Title: A Vampire in New York and Other Stories
Author: Tracey Sinclair
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: A Vampire In Edinburgh, Dark Dates, Wolf Night, Angel Falls
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: January 21, 2016
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 156
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: one-half-flames
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A Vampire in New York and Other Stories is a collection of short stories that take place between the books in the Dark Date series with each book focusing on one of main characters. Cain is our main player in Trip to the Lakes which takes place before Dark Dates. Next is Laclos in A Vampire in New York which comes after Dark Dates but before Wolf Night. Last but not least, Cassandra in Girls’ Night Out which follows Angel Falls. Each is a delicious tale that gives us a chance to catch up and give new insight to Cassandra, Cain and Laclos.


Trip to the Lakes

Cain set out to an English tourist spot to look into a series of grisly deaths. When he gets there, he finds another hunter, Jonesy, looking into the deaths as well. Together they discover a local vampire nest but they may not be the ones behind the deaths. Knowing the same thing that attracts vampires also attracts the killer(s), Cain and Jonesy head out to the countryside where the attacks have taken place.


As much as I would say Trip to the Lakes was a barrel of laughs, in reality for me at first it wasn’t. There was a bit of necessary build-up that needed to happen first. There was the whole needing to meet Jonesy (who I recognize from Angel Falls) and build up a rapport with him. Once that got going things started running along quickly. There’s a few giggles along the way (Kendal Mint Cake) but it’s when they come face-to-face with the real killers, and their ‘helpers’ (for lack of a better word) before I found myself laughing myself silly.


A Vampire in New York

Next up is Laclos in A Vampire in New York. This time around we get to experience Laclos from a new player. Barry is quite the ad sack vampire. Boring and nerd, he really doesn’t know what it is to be a vampire. He’s broke starving and abandoned by his sire to fend for himself. A chance meeting with Laclos in a bar and Barry learns what it is to be alive.


This was such a fun read as I got to see Laclos in a completely new light. Oh, he still has his uber-sized ego firmly in place. However, as he takes Barry under his wing and shows him the ins and outs of what it is to be a vampire, we get to experience his more human side, a more caring side. On top of that, we also get to see Laclos from a new point a view – one that isn’t jaded from all his naked posing and egomaniac. Guess he’s not such a ass after all. Although, knowing Laclos, I’m sure my opinion will change soon.


Girls’ Night Out

Last and certainly not least is Cass in Girls’ Night Out. Her and a few friends are heading out on a train to the coast for a hens night getaway. Along the way they make a new friend that sets Cassandra spidey sense tingling. Once they get to their location they find out there has been a series of dead women washing up on shore. Suspecting the supernatural may have been involved, Cass and the hens set out to investigate.


Finally, a short story with Cass and without the boys! We do, however, have several familiar faces along for the ride; Medea, Katie, Mariko and a somewhat of a newcomer, Dionne. Well, she’s new for the girls, but not the boys. I felt myself smirking as they all figure things out on who Cass and Dionne are in correlation to Cain. Throw in a curious murder mystery on top of the ‘who slept with whom’ and this story made for a humorous and adventurous read. It just goes to show the girls can kick arse while they’re out having fun.



A Vampire in New York and Other Stories
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