Review: A Wedding in Truhart (Truhart #1) by Cynthia Tennent

October 7, 2015 Review 0

Review: A Wedding in Truhart (Truhart #1) by Cynthia Tennent

Welcome to Truhart, Michigan, population 1300 and dropping. Where everyone knows everyone else and garage sales are front page news. Not exactly where you’d expect to find the celebrity wedding of the year. As Maid of Honor, and the famous bride’s big sister, Annie has to plan a wedding suitable for America’s newest sweetheart reporter on The Morning Show. But what she didn’t plan on was seeing Nick Conrad again. Her older brother’s best friend who left Truhart for the big city, Nick just happens to be Annie’s embarrassing childhood crush. He’s also the Best Man.

As Atlanta’s High Society descends on the tiny Midwest town, Annie has the impossible task of controlling her eccentric family and nutty neighbors, while hosting a wedding fit for a princess at her family’s rundown Amble Inn. But what she can’t control is the spark reigniting between her and Nick. Between snowstorms, an A.W.O.L. gown, and the broadcast of the wedding on The Morning Show, Annie is just hoping to survive the big day without losing her mind. And to survive being around Nick again without losing her heart.

Title: A Wedding in Truhart
Author: Cynthia Tennent
Series: Truhart #1
Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: September 29, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 240
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

I have gushed about loving the Pacific Northwest so you might be surprised at my choice of this book.  Truhart, Michigan?  That is in the Midwest.  Well . . . confession time.  I was born and raised in small town Michigan – population 2126 in the 2010 census.  So the blurb for this book kind of grabbed me.  I identified with it.  I wanted to see how this author portrayed small town Michigan.

I have to say, she nailed it.  Not only did I see myself, my family and some neighbors in this story, she did such a good job of writing it that I couldn’t put the book down.  I loved it.

I have also mentioned I do enjoy the small town trope.  Everyone knows everyone else.  So true.  But when I could actually recognize a fictitious town with its fictitious characters, I was enthralled.

The characters were well written.  In spite of everyone being in everyone’s business, some secrets were kept.  It made for some interesting conflict and drama.  And believe me, there is drama in small town, Michigan.

Truhart is a charming little town with fascinating characters, the emphasis on “characters.”  I think we all have an Aunt Addie.  She was adorable, if rather quirky.  Then there is the guy we loved in high school that didn’t know we were alive. *sigh* The epic arguments with the siblings – OMG!  The town drunk.  The town gossip(s).  They all make up small town, anywhere.  But the unpredictable weather.  Is it going to snow or not?  White Christmas or not?  Yep!  I remember that.  The “light dusting” that ends up being three feet.  Only in the North.

So, for you fans of contemporary romance with the small town trope, you need to read this book.  It is fun.  It is entertaining.  It is a “can’t put it down” read.  For a first book it was fantastic.  I notice there is another coming book out next year.  I already have it on my “want to read” list with nothing but the title – Skinny Dipping Season.  Now that is a title to grab you!  I think I have found a new author to stalk follow!

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