Review & Interview: Acceptance by Starla Kaye

August 18, 2013 Review 10

Review & Interview: Acceptance by Starla Kaye

Being the CEO of a major architectural company in California has taken over far too much of Chase’s life, leaving no time for romance. But when a handsome Spaniard offers drinks and conversation, talking leads to one spectacular night and an awareness of what he really wants. But once Rico returns home to Spain, Chase will be alone, again.

Rico lives on his family’s strict schedules with no time for contemplating what is missing in his life. He doesn’t expect to meet someone special on this business trip. But he is drawn to the big, striking blond American. Giving Chase someone to talk to, takes Rico’s mind off his problems. And a mutual attraction gives them both a chance to forget everything else and let their passionate natures run free.

Chase has a company to run and Rico must return home to Spain, a truth they must both accept, but will acceptance be enough when it comes to waking up alone?

Title: Acceptance
Author: starla kaye
Series: Edge Series
Published by Decadent Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: May 27, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 56
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Stars: five-stars
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Acceptance by Starla Kaye was a beautiful love story of two men, highly successful in business but lacking in relationship until they met each other. Chase lived in California and ran a prominent architectural firm and Rico lived in Spain, eldest son of his family’s lucrative tourism business. Unfortunately obligations hindered both men from pursuing what they truly want in life.

Ms. Kaye depicted a realistic love story that dealt with obligations, trust and loyalty. Both men desired to be together but circumstances were not in their cards. What Ms. Kaye did was address their issues and allowed the characters to grow and find solutions.

A very appealing factor to the story was that the men were older (late thirties) and not fresh from college with little life experience. Chase and Rico were seasoned individuals in both profession and life, just simply had not found the one.

Chase and Rico were endearing and loving and their passion was apparent whether it related to business or to each other. They were both dominating personalities that continually exhibited tenderness when together.

The sex was ardent and hot, steaming the sheets. A lovely tale that will place a smile on any face. 

l.c. chase


Starla Kaye

Can you tell us about your current work in progress, perhaps you could share a favorite fact or piece of fascinating information about it?

I have a new novella, Cowboy Dreamin’, in editing now with Decadent Publishing, publication date probably early 2014. This is a contemporary Western ménage story for the 1 Night Stand Series. Kendra leads a life too busy for romance, but has dreamed of a white knight cowboy to sweep her off her feet and carry her away into the sunset for a Happily Ever After. Her “dream” had been about one cowboy, but when she gets an arranged one-night stand date, it is with two cowboys.

What was your most challenging book to bring to life?

I mainly write stories involving cowboys, either historical or contemporary. But I do try other sub-genres occasionally. A couple years back I decided to try my hand at writing medieval romances, because I had read and enjoyed so many such books in the past. I actually wrote three: Maggie Mine, The Great Scottish Devil (both for Blushing Books) and Their Lady Gloriana (for Black Velvet Seductions). I had to do a lot of research about the whole time period, including language, clothing, setting details, and much more. It was a real challenge, but writing three around the same time made it easier for me as a writer. I could stay in the period in my head.

If you could trade places for a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

This is a tough question because I enjoy all of my heroines. As I write I become each of them, at least temporarily. I would love to be in Kendra’s place in Cowboy Dreamin’ faced with the pleasant and somewhat unsettling position of having a romantic encounter with two cowboys at the same time.

What was your favorite scene or chapter to write, which book and why?

There have been scenes that I’ve written in various books that I enjoyed. But one scene that particularly came to mind was in Their Lady Gloriana. This was a medieval ménage story and the two men, Rowan and Thomas, had known each other and had a physical relationship together first before Gloriana came into their lives. She is aware of this, having caught them together at one point and found it curious and intriguing. There is a scene when Thomas (now her husband) comes to her after being with Rowan and very tender and sore from that encounter. She discovers this and is determined to make him feel better, wanting to take care of him. He is extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable, and very resistant. It really is an emotional scene and funny at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?

I love getting to live vicariously through my characters in different eras, various places, and complicated situations. I also travel a lot and like finding ways to use little details I’ve seen, read about, heard, or experienced in one of my stories.

Three items that you cannot function without for a week?

My electronics: cell phone, iPad, and laptop. I’m addicted to all of them.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

I have a basic message in all of my romance novels: happiness can be found in unexpected places at any time. In Acceptance, I have two very busy businessmen who get so caught up in their everyday work lives that they are missing out on finding true happiness. Then out of the blue they meet, hit it off, develop strong feelings for each other, are forced apart by their complicated lives, and discover they want to take a chance on creating a longer, more lasting relationship. I have always liked the line from Jurrasic Park about “nature finding a way.” And I see this in relationships: love (or at least strong feelings) will find a way.

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  1. suzlyne

    I’ve enjoyed other stories by Starla Kaye and this looks like one to get.

  2. Starla Kaye (

    Thanks for the review and for the comments from Eva and Suzlyne.

    I can’t seem to find the review here, other than the rating. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Fictional Candy

    This sounds like a great story, I’m definitely going to check it out. I’m always looking to expand my m-m horizons, and get a little more in.

    Cowboy Dreamin’ sounds awesome. I love Decadent and the 1NS series, so I will definitely keep an eye out for that!!! Seriously – two cowboys – isn’t that the new American Dream? 😉

  4. Naomi

    Wow!! Awesome review. Acceptance sounds like a great read! I love the names Rico and Chase, they sound like great characters! Thanks for sharing this book with us all!

  5. jessiel62

    Enjoyed reading the review! Looking forward to reading this book soon.

    JessieL62 AT comcast DOT net

  6. Ashley E

    Wonderful interview! And wouldn’t we all want to be in one of those heroine’s places for a day. 😀