Review: Across the Line (The Wolf Within, #6) by Amy Lee Burgess

August 7, 2013 Review 0

Review: Across the Line (The Wolf Within, #6) by Amy Lee Burgess

Solving problems is her job…even when it may cost her life.

When Councilor Allerton sends Stanzie to investigate a territory dispute between tiny pack Stony Fell and the British branch of much larger Mac Tire, it seems routine until someone sets a bear trap. A young Stony Fell man pays with the loss of his leg and now it’s up to Stanzie and Murphy to figure out who set the trap–and why–before more members of the packs are maimed.

Add a pair of star-crossed lovers, one love triangle, a grief-stricken bond mate with jealousy issues, and bad blood all around and the resultant twisted hell brew reveals the darker side of inter-pack politics that could prove too difficult–and dangerous–for even Stanzie to untangle.

Title: Across the Line
Author: Amy Lee Burgess
Series: Wolf Within
Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: September 2, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 264
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Stars: three-stars

Across the Line is a very busy book. There are many characters with lots going on. Let start with is this a drama or a mystery? I am not quite sure because every character has a dramatic story but I definitely know this is a paranormal. As for the characters, I would say Stanzie is the main character only because the story is told from her first person point of view. Unfortunately, it was hard to tell if she was the sole main character because nearly everyone in the book (and there are a LOT of characters) all have an added importance to the story-line.

So let us hit the positive. Despite the lack of back-story knowledge, I found Across the Line to be a very well written story. While not all the characters were easily likeable, they certainly have depth. I enjoyed the fact that each one was very complex and instead of blatantly spelling out this one is good, that one is bad, I was presented to equal sides of both. Then there is the mystery aspect. I was definitely surprised by the whodunit. No more on that subject less I give it away. Of course, what initially drew me to the story was the paranormal aspect. I love me a good paranormal story and author Amy Lee Burgess has managed create a shifter hierarchy I have not encounter before which made for a refreshing change.

While this book works adequately as a stand-alone, I believe it would be easier to follow if the previous books in this series were read first. Here is my biggest complaint about this story. There are tidbits thrown out here and there but not enough that I understood all that was going on. This is a busy story with lots of characters to keep up with a little bit of a synopsis at the beginning would have been helpful. Especially if you were picking up the book and not releasing it was part of a series.

My recommendation, worth the read But to avoid confusion please read the previous books first.

Across the Line


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