Review: Acting Out (Celebrity #2) by Mia Watts

February 25, 2015 Review 1

Review: Acting Out (Celebrity #2) by Mia Watts

Who wouldn’t want Hollywood hottie Cree Radek? When Evan Walker, Cree’s assistant, gives in to temptation, he’s sure Cree only wants a one-nighter. Evan has plans of his own, and falling in love isn’t one of them.

Cree Radek is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. He’s an unapproachable alpha wrapped in black leather and spikes with ice-blue eyes lined in black. He’s hard to read and all kinds of sex-on-a-stick.

Evan Walker works for Cree as his assistant. Long hours and living arrangements make it impossible to keep things professional. So, when things get steamy, Evan see’s himself as an easy target. But for Cree, Evan is a lot more than a one-night stand.

Family business takes Evan away in the middle of filming. Cree says he wants him back, but can a celebrity be faithful to a regular guy?

Title: Acting Out
Author: Mia Watts
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Series: Celebrity
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: February 27, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 89
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

There is more to Evan leaving home for Hollywood than finding employment. It has nothing to do with stardom, finding love, or abandoning his mother. Although being employed in the movie industry will help Evan achieve the goals that he left home for. Working as Cree Radek’s assistant is a job he takes very seriously. He needs the money to help him acquire the answers he is seeking. He doesn’t expect the attraction and he certainly doesn’t anticipate the reciprocation of all the thoughts and feelings that he is experiencing in the presence of his larger than life employer.

The armor that Cree wears is to protect him from others. He doesn’t need people in his life that will use him for his fame or money. He doesn’t need lovers that are just looking to add a notch in their belt. So to keep users away he has created an image that keeps people out. The problem with that is his new assistant and how perceptive he his. Cree also sees something in Evan that he doesn’t see in many people and it’s that quality that makes him want more than just an assistant out of Evan.

Acting Out, the second book in Mia Watts Celebrity series works quite well as a stand-alone. There is a mention of one of the previous books characters and one of the characters (minor role) has another minor role here in this installment of this sexy gay romance series.

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