Review: Addicted to Adella by Anna Keraleigh

May 17, 2013 Review 1

Review: Addicted to Adella by Anna Keraleigh

‘Welcome to Ulla Major! Home to the thousand floor high rise, the best synthetic food in the quadrant and the safest space port for five planets. Please be on the lookout for two fugitives, Adella and Sally. Adella perski is wanted for the murder of her boyfriend. Sally Nupson is wanted for assisting a fugitive. They are armed and dangerous.’

Just the words a girl wanted to hear. Adella is stuck running from the law with her best friend Sally by her side. She isn’t exactly wrongfully accused either, but that as they say, is a long story. They’ve been through it all together, the good and the bad. This should be no difference. Things take a strange twist when a wild space chase turns into a romantic touch between the two friends. Could this be the start of something more than lust? Will they live long enough to find out?

What if the string of bad boyfriends was because Adella should have been looking for a girlfriend?

Title: Addicted to Adella
Author: Anna Keraleigh
Published by Evernight Publishing
Source: Author
Published: May 8, 2013
Genres: Female Female Romance
Pages: 40
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

As someone relatively new to the short erotic fiction I sometimes find it overwhelming, frightening and sometimes a bit taboo. This really wasn’t the case. The LGBT nature was in no way offensive and a relatively gentle introduction into the genre. The characters were surprisingly well developed for a short fiction and very easy to like.

I thoroughly enjoyed Adella’s obtuseness to the situation surrounding her and her obvious ignorance as to Sally’s feelings for her. It made for a very fun and cute read. Which in turn made it rather exciting when Adella started exploring her feelings toward Sally.

Brilliant language use and imagery made it very easy to follow the setting of the story. It has been a while that I found myself being able to see the surroundings so easily and with so much clarity.

Now, seeing as it is an erotic story, I should probably highlight some of the more exciting aspects of the book. The passionate scenes were rather fun and playful, well thought out and very entertaining. It was easy to read and left me feeling pleased and happy with my time spent.

Reviewed by Angelique


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