Review: Addictions of a Sex Demon (The Sex Demon Trilogy #3) by Jaye Shields

September 21, 2015 Review 4

Review: Addictions of a Sex Demon (The Sex Demon Trilogy #3) by Jaye Shields

Sephina is about to trade one addiction for another—and his name is Axel.

Sephina Antara has gotten into a lot of trouble as a sex demon with a drug addiction. Moving to a new village was supposed to help her get clean. But when she relapses, it comes with a side of hot dragon man.

Axel Stavros may be a drug dealer, but he's also the town healer. Half-human, half-dragon, his blood can cure just about anything, but it has some erotic side effects for its user, as the new beauty in town is about to find out…

Content Warning: graphic language, hot foreplay, and even hotter sex, including light bondage and some girl-on-girl action.

Title: Addictions of a Sex Demon
Author: Jaye Shields
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Published by Beachwalk Press
Source: Author
Published: February 18, 2013
Genres: Erotic Fantasy Romance, Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames

As the book begins, you immediately meet Sephina – the Seccubus with the hot pink hair – and Axel – the lovely blue half human, half dragon (Quetzalem, to be exact, an almost extinct race).  Sephina, well, she has issues.  A nasty childhood and no blood family to speak of, she and her ‘sister’ Zahra (also a Seccubus), and Lennox (a human and Zahra’s fiance) have just moved into Axel’s town.  Sephina has also developed an addiction to a very strong drug to help block out the nightmares.  She quickly goes in search of a dealer where she runs into Axel.  Axel is kind of a person of honor in town – the healer.  When he realizes how badly she is addicted to the drug, he immediately wants to help her.  The problem is, he is in a bad way himself – imminently due for ‘The Burn’, a time in a dragon’s life where he must(now don’t laugh) have sex for 24-48 hours to keep his embers hot or they and then he will die.  Of course, due to his fiery nature, he cannot have sex with just anybody.  Luckily, sex will also distract Sephina from her withdrawal symptoms so it’s wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and they both realize they just may have met their match.

The Good:  As I got comfortable to read Addictions of a Sex Demon, I realized that it was the 3rd and final book in The Sex Demon Trilogy and while I liked the pink hair, the blue demon was a little unsettling.  I hoped that I would not be at a disadvantage having not read the first two books and that it would be interesting enough to keep my sleepy attention.  I needn’t have worried.  While strong, heavy literature it is not, I had absolutely no trouble following the storyline or staying awake and focused on the book.  It was a definite page turner and then some!  Sephina is very jumpy and jittery, just as an addict would be, and for the first 1/3rd of the book, was not my favorite character.  Axel, on the other hand, I fell immediately in love with.  Not only because of his concern for others and his chivalric attitude but because once realized he was in love with Sephina, he was willing to do literally anything for her, including give up his own life.  Wow.

The fact that I could see and feel the addictive behaviors in Sephina and the overwhelming and uncompromising love from Axel so quickly in the book, was amazing.  Ms. Shields really hit all of the right buttons and was spot on with these enthralling characters.  She had my attention from then on!  The side characters in the book had just enough page time to fulfill their roles and not steal the spotlight from Sephina and Axel.  There were the requisite bad guys and heroes and time for Sephina to decide if she could love Axel too.  It was a quick read that in the end left me with a smile on my face and sweet dreams.

The Bad:  As a fairly short story, things had to move along pretty quickly.  The scene at the local brothel was unnecessary in my opinion, time that would have been better spent on our hero and heroine where I would have liked to see more one-literally-on-one time. 😉  Other than that, I really do not have much to complain about.

The Snuggly:  Whew!  Katie-bar-the-Door and bring me a fan!  When these two got, ahem, intimate, they got INTIMATE.  Axel was a very considerate (and thorough) lover and Sephina, well, she is a Seccubus after all. 😉  This was not deep, emotional, sentimental intimacy for the most part.  It was raw, sensual and HAWT.

The Rest:  As I said, a deep book, this is not.  It is a light-hearted and enjoyable adventure that heads in the direction of a HEA.  (You will have to read it to find out if they make it or not.) 😉  I really enjoyed reading it and now intend to look up and read the first two books to see what I missed!  Obviously this is not for the 18 and under crowd nor for those who are not interested in reading about sex.  But if you are interested in a light, fun, fantasy-filled Paranormal romance then you have come to exactly the right place!

Addictions of a Sex Demon

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  1. Melanie Simmons (

    I don’e need every book I read to be deep. I actually like light-hearted, quick stories every now and then. Sounds like a fun story. I’ll have to check this series out. Great review.