Review: Against the Rules (Boundaries #2) by A.R. Barley

June 3, 2016 Review 0

Review: Against the Rules (Boundaries #2) by A.R. Barley

Kelly O'Connell’s out of control

An RA at Halton University, he spends his off nights at a club, hoping to find what he’s looking for in rough sex with strangers.

Until one night the play gets a little too rough. An isolated room, a dangerous situation...and an unexpected rescue.

Ian Rankin knows what Kelly wants—a true Dom, someone who will protect him instead of using him, someone who can take him to the edge without pushing him into unsafe territory.

Ian knows just what Kelly needs, and he's the only man who can give it to him.

There's only one problem: Kelly is a student, and Ian is a teacher.

Title: Against the Rules
Author: A.R. Barley
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Series: Boundaries #2
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Published by Carina Press
Source: Author
Published: June 6, 2016
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 169
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Kelly is grieving and self-destructive. He has this thing for pain although IMO it seems it’s a bit more of a cry for help than a real sexual desire to be hurt. Ian was a bit more likable from the very beginning although my initial impression of him was a much older man. Maybe because he’s a teacher…and a Dom? I tend to associate Doms with BDSM although I didn’t find their sex to be very BDSM-ish. Bondage and spankings don’t necessarily equal BDSM so let just call it, they like rough sex and Ian likes to call the shots.


The sex aside, I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters. Kelly’s lost his parents and is struggling to cope with the loss. Seems he’s related to darn near everybody in town and while they mean well trying to tell him what he ‘should be doing’ next they are just compounding his problems. Ian had a bad break-up that he semi-blames himself for. Kelly, I’m sure, was at first a way for Ian make amends for what he felt was his pass transgressions. There’s a nice weaving back and forth of highs and lows mixed in with interesting characters. If I had an over-all complaint, I would be the last 30% was over-packed with drama. A lot got crammed into those last chapters, once I could see coming, but still it was a lot to happen at one time. It all ends well (of course!) and there’s enough of a window left open that you can see they will be in the next book. Which, personally I hope is Chi-Chi’s story.


This my first book by A.R. Barley and I’m really hoping it won’t be the last. So many m/m romance writers make it all about the bow-chica-wow-wow and I feel Ms. Barley has given me more than that. She is definitely an author to watch and recommend.



Against the Rules
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