Review: Against the Rules by Tori Carson

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Review: Against the Rules by Tori Carson

Targeted by a drug cartel, Teague is out for vengeance until Chantel lands in his lap. Is this fiery, redheaded submissive his lifeline or his downfall?

One nosy keystroke and Teague’s life was changed forever. He lost his identity, his family and is constantly running for his life. There is little doubt that the cartel will eventually find and kill him. Until then he plans to put as many of them away as possible. It has become his single-minded goal.

Chantel was raised with the knowledge that bogey men exist. She carries a gun and she knows how to use it. She is confident that she can take care of herself. Her only real fear is of dying alone, without ever knowing the meaning of true love.

Teague has a weakness for redheads and the cartel knows it. They’ve used it against him in the past. When Chantel literally falls into his lap, he knows it is too good to be true. Convinced that it will be his downfall, he pursues her anyway. After a weekend of life-affirming sex, he vows to never see her again.

Once Chantel has found the man of her dreams, she’s not going to let a threat against her get in the way. Now caught in the sights of a serial killer her father has spent his life hunting down, Chantel learns that there are worse things in life than death.

For a chance to save Chantel, Teague must choose between his life’s work and the young woman who has made his life worth living.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of kidnapping, torture, sexual torture, violence and references to human trafficking of children.

Title: Against the Rules
Author: Tori Carson
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 10, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Romantic Suspense, Suspense
Pages: 223
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
Bailey Bradford

This was an action suspense thriller through and through with some HOT D/s romance going on too.  OMG.  Didn’t know if I should take a shower or hide under the bed, and sometimes at the same time.

Against the Rules opens with a stalker.  Hmmmm . . . seems I am reading a lot of books with stalkers lately.  Is that an industry trend? Or has my head gone to a weird place? *shrugs* May just have something to do with the fact that I enjoy good cop drama.  Anyway, a stalker is watching.

Segue to bad blind date at crappy pizza joint.  Chantel Donley is an elementary school teacher, a bit of a (self-confessed) klutz, seems to attract only losers, but legally carries a fully loaded Sig Saur forty-five ACP in her purse.  Doesn’t every elementary school teacher?  Having a drop dead gorgeous guy follow her to the restroom just to ask how she is because she didn’t look too happy with her date was, like WOW!  But she isn’t dumb.  She knows better than to trust strangers for no reason.  She thanks him and leaves.  I am not sure I would have left the drop dead gorgeous guy, gone back to the loser geek, and then paid for half of the check if I were her.  She had class.  And rules.  Loved her rules.

Imagine her surprise when she trips over drop dead gorgeous guy the next day.  He is working on the copy machine at the school where she teaches.  It is fate.  They are destined.  Totally my interpretation.  It takes these two a bit longer to figure things out.  But really, it was lust at first sight.  Just because they are honorable people, doesn’t mean they aren’t meant for each other *grin* Anyway, meet the hero of our story.  He introduces himself as Reese.  He has a LOT of secrets, but wait until he meets her dad.

I enjoyed the dynamics between these two characters.  They both had “layers.”  Lots of “layer.”  It was so much fun watching them discover each other and, against their wills and all the rules, fall in love.  Then the real excitement starts.

Some of drop dead gorgeous guy’s secrets catch up to him.  I don’t want to go into things too much because, well, you know . . . SPOILERS!  But, be prepared for lots of action.  Twists and turns.  Surprises.  Lots of gasps!  Oh nos!  Look out!  NOOOOOOOOO!  Hurry!  And an amazing aww ending. *sigh* It’s all here.  I couldn’t put it down.  Didn’t want to stop reading.

This is a bit more than your basic cop story.  Maybe think of a Die Hard movie.  Lots of action.  Betrayal.  Not knowing who to trust.  Graphic violence.  Hey, you folks that tend to be a bit skittish, you need to run away and find something different to read. *waves finger in the air* This is not the book you are looking for.  Now for the rest of us who have thicker hides, this not only has kinky sex, but raw violence that includes, discussion of human trafficking, discussion of the torture of women and children, then the actual torture of a woman.  See why I mentioned the Die Hard movie.  In some places it got pretty intense.  But this is a suspense thriller, not a touchy feely romance.

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