Review: Alien Surrender by Amy Redwood

January 9, 2014 Review 1

Review: Alien Surrender by Amy Redwood

Inside Scoop: Dominance and submission, pain that hurts so good, sexy aliens, threesomes and a loving relationship for a human girl who gets not one but TWO hot alien males.

Jana is happy. After all, it's her wedding day, also known as the Joining of the Three. Her mates are two alien males who couldn't be more different. One is loving while the other has a cruel streak and dominates her in the bedroom. In love with one, in lust with the other, she expects to live the rest of her life in blissful ecstasy. If it weren't for an alien envy that threatens to destroy her relationship with her two mates.

Alien Surrender is a standalone sequel to Alien Best Man; To read Kyra and Garrett's story, check out Alien Threesome.

Title: Alien Surrender
Author: Amy Redwood
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Sinful Intentions, Alien Best Man, My Alien Threesome
Source: Publisher
Published: December 26,2013
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Sci Fi Romance, Menage, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 55
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: five-flames

In this sequel to Alien Best Man is an engaging and erotic futuristic fantasy where the heroine gets her happily ever after with two sexy aliens.

In love with one and in lust with the other Jana is happy with her two alien mates but alien envy could destroy her relationship with her two mates.

This fast paced and erotic journey comes to life with well written world and vivid descriptions and details that make the reader feel as if they are part of the story. The compelling characters grab the reader’s attention and don’t let go and are easily related to and believable.

The chemistry and attraction between the three is still scorching hot and the sex scenes still blow the reader away, but there is more emotional issues to deal with as Jana has to come to terms with leaving her old life and accepting her new one and also what she feels for her two mates.

This world captures the imagination and takes the reader on a fantastic expedition to new fantasies while keeping things believable and real.  I still think the stories are too short, but if you them together it makes for an entertaining and erotic tale of dominance and submission.Alien Surrender

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