Review: The Alpha King (Passion’s Hero #1) by Vicktor Alexander

December 17, 2014 Review 0

Review: The Alpha King (Passion’s Hero #1) by Vicktor Alexander

Centuries after the destruction of Earth, destiny is being fulfilled and plans are in motion to restore not only the Earth, but mankind, to its former glory. One family is fated to bring about this amazing destiny. One man puts it all in motion, the day he crashes onto the wolf-planet of Tumaro and meets his mate.

Talon Versuthion always knew that some kind of way, life was going to screw him over. His parents died when he was just a boy and he can't remember a thing about them. He was adopted by a great family only to have them tell him that he is a Vermithian, one of the most despised humanoid species. Even worse than that? He has no idea that a prophecy was made about his family, one that mentions that someone from the Versuthion family will bring back a pure human race. And there are people out there who will stop at nothing to make sure that never happens. No matter what.
While on a delivery for the GPA with his adopted sister Josie, however, Tal's space shuttle crashes onto Tumaro, the notorious wolf-shifter planet. Tal is lucky to be alive, though Josie can't be found. He is desperate to find her, but destiny steps in and history is changed forever. Because the Alpha King of the planet, Blazell Roughshire, is Talon's mate. And before the two men can even settle into their new relationship they must deal with conspiracy, murder, kidnapping and a centuries old plot to completely eradicate the human race. Will Blaze be able to keep his mate safe from those who would see him dead? Is Tal truly the only one left from his family who can fulfill this centuries old prophecy? And can Tal, who has made it a point to never fall in love with anyone, open his heart and let Blaze be Passion's hero?

Title: The Alpha King
Author: Vicktor Alexander
Series: Passion's Hero #1
Source: Author
Published: November 30, 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotic Sci Fi Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 259
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

I have read this author before.  I liked his paranormal elements as well as his unique way of writing in the LGBT genre.  His world view is very enlightened.  I like that.  So when I saw a book by him that not only have the paranormal element but was set in a sci-fi world, well I just had to read it.  I was not disappointed.

I was treated to a delightful world – well universe really – of species of every type.  The wolf was featured, but there were lions, bears and snakes – oh my!  But there were humanoids as well.  The humanoids were actually the most interesting species.  They are three different kinds of humanoid, each being a hybrid descendant of the species we know here.

You see, in this universe, earth has succumbed the human abuse.  It rebelled.  The human’s died.  I love how the author had the humans die this way.  However, I was not clear on how many of the humans survived.  In one place there was a finite number given – “three hundred, and in another place “several hundred” were seeded throughout the universe.  My math isn’t very good but, I have always thought of several being more than three.  Minor detail that bugged me a bit, but didn’t spoil the story.

Talon, one of the featured characters, was one of the humanoid hybrid species.  A very special one.  An almost super human one, the Vermithian.  They can heal, themselves, and others, making it very difficult to kill them.  They can communicate with plants and animals.  Talon had a “pet” plant since he was a very young child, which holds his memories of his earliest years.  That was a most interesting thread that kind of got left dangling.

The other interesting thing about this particular humanoid hybrid species is their ability to breed.  Either sex can do it.  Male or female.  It was very entertaining having Talon go through pregnancy, labor, and then birth.  *grin* This, dear reader, you really have to read for yourself to enjoy it.

Oh but I should probably mention the Alpha King.  The book is named for him.  He is a wolf shifter and as the title implies, not only the alpha wolf, but king of his planet.  Consequently, he is rather autocratic.  I think it is in the job description or something.  *grin*  Finding his mate Talon mellows him out – a lot!  I liked this rough around the edges character.  Once he and his wolf found their mate, *sigh* his possessiveness and protectiveness could have been overwhelming, but Talon had no problem keeping him in line.  I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two very hot characters.

The secondary characters were also fun and entertaining.  Even the evil Anglania in a sadistic sort of way.  The story moved along at a nice pace with plenty of action and suspense in between the hot bedroom scenes.  Being destined bonded mates, Tal and Blaze did have a hard time keeping their hands off each other, so having a decent story going on too, very nice.

According to one of the epilogues (there were three) there is a sequel coming out.  It will be about the Alpha Kings brother, Buck.  I will be watching for it.


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