Review: Alpha One by Cynthia Eden

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Review: Alpha One by Cynthia Eden

"Julie's missing. You have to get her back."The minute he got the message, undercover agent Logan Quinn sprang into action. Getting Juliana James out of Mexico alive was the Elite Ops covert agent's only priority. But once the senator's daughter was safely back in their Mississippi hometown, Logan had a new mission: to get another chance with the woman he couldn't lose again.

Juliana had never forgotten the day, ten years ago, when Logan left her heart in pieces. Now he was back in her life, sworn to protect her from the ruthless weapons dealer who wanted her dead. As passion blindsided her—and she was once again thrust into danger—Julie realized how much she'd risk for one more day in Logan's arms.

Title: Alpha One
Author: Cynthia Eden
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Series: Shadow Agents
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Published by Harlequin
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: January 2, 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 224
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

Ten years ago Logan walked away from the only good in his life. Now the person who pushed him to that decision has requested Logan go save the one woman he will never forget. Having always carried Juliana in his heart made the decision easy. Logan would be the man that returned Juliana to safety. He would protect what he still cares for.

Returning home did not get Juliana out of harm’s way. The threat has followed her and her sexy protector home. After Logan broke Juliana’s heart she never expected to see him again. Allowing him into her personal space so that he may see to her safety has its own dangers.

Logan and Juliana can’t seem to catch a break. There is more going on than they initially thought. The more time Logan spends with Juliana the more he regrets that he ever turned his back on her to begin with. Juliana is having the same feelings crop up with more time spent in Logan’s presence. Juliana has to be careful though. Is she just a mission to Logan? Will he just walk away again one the threat is eliminated? Can they have just this brief time together? Can she let him in just temporarily? Does she have the strength to watch him walk away a second time? Logan and Juliana have some serious chemistry. They also have major road blocks to overcome though.

Secrets! Every character in Alpha One seems to have a secret. Some secrets are held close because of fears of ones reaction to the truth. There are secrets that are being used to bring others down. If the truth were exposed about someone’s past that individual would be exposed as a fraud. Plenty of secrets to keep hidden or to expose for completely selfish needs can be found in these pages.

I recommend that when you begin reading this book to skip reading the cast of characters at the beginning. It tells you the reader who the other individual involved in Juliana’s nightmare mess is. I was aggravated by this as I was reading. As soon as this character stepped onto the page I knew there was more going on just due to their mention in that list. I like a little guess work with my romantic suspense. I know Alpha One is short, but there was still enough sub plot there for me to have a small who done it. Once I knew the who, the why was obvious.

Cynthia Eden


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