Review: Alpha vs Alpha by Francesca Hawley

November 21, 2016 Review 0

Review: Alpha vs Alpha by Francesca Hawley

Alpha female Serena Goldwolf has spent a lifetime vowing never to be a submissive mate to any Alpha male. But all it takes is one surprisingly sexual meeting with Damien Blackwolf, a dissatisfied client of her shapeshifter dating site, and she is aching to be owned by the hottest male on two legs—or four.

Damien Blackwolf doesn’t understand why the voluptuous Serena won’t admit they’re True Mates. To convince her, he decides to bring out her desires by dragging her to someplace private to get to know her…intimately. But how can he convince her of their destiny when she refuses to acknowledge their connection and runs away from him?
In a passionate battle of wills, there most definitely can be two winners.

Note: This book was previously published elsewhere but has been revised and updated

Title: Alpha vs Alpha
Author: Francesca Hawley
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Series: True Mated
Source: Publisher
Published: October 18, 2016
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 81
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Serena Goldwolf runs a successful matchmaking service for shifters.  She is an alpha, answerable only to her father, the pack leader.  When an irate alpha wolf comes into her office to complain about his match, Serena goes toe to toe with him.  Damien Blackwolf is used to getting his way.  As an alpha and pack leader, few dare to challenge him and he likes it that way. However, when it comes to picking a Mate, he wants a woman that won’t be so easily cowed but is willing to be submissive in the bedroom. Not many people can stand up to him when he is angry, displaying full alpha male tendencies.  But when Serena steps right up to him and challenges him, he decides that he wants her.

I enjoyed watching Serena and Damien face off with each other.  They are both alphas and as such neither of them are willing to back down.  But while Serena doesn’t want to submit to a Mate for the long term, she finds herself wanting to submit to Damien in the bedroom (or office, just wherever they are).   I wish there was a longer ‘mating dance’ for the couple.  Within minutes of meeting Damien is carrying Serena off. Because of this, there is a communication breakdown in what they each want in a relationship which causes Serena to get scared and run.

Overall the conflict was minimal and only took about half a page to clear up but I still enjoyed this novella.  It was very hot with a sexy shifter that likes his women to have curves and a woman that doesn’t back down and isn’t afraid to tell a man what she wants.  I have enjoyed the other books by this author that are set in this world.  Hawley did set up another book at the end of this one so I am going to be on the lookout for that one.

Francesca Hawley
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