Review: And a Smile (Roughstock #2) by B.A. Tortuga

October 26, 2015 Review 0

Review: And a Smile (Roughstock #2) by B.A. Tortuga

All Coke Pharris wants is for his cowboys to be safe–all of them. When rodeo clown, Dillon, sets to prove that there’s more to the bullfighter, people could get hurt.

It's Coke Pharris' job to save bull riders from bulls, and he takes his work very seriously. Which is why he's devastated when one of his favorite riders gets hurt, and he's determined to help the young man ride again. Dillon Walsh is the arena entertainer for the bull riding tour, and he wants to help. He also wants Coke, has been admiring the man for a long time. He hasn't made a move on Coke for fear of messing up their friendship, but when he finds out Coke might feel the same way, Dillon has to try to win Coke over.

Coke thinks he's too old for Dillon, too beat up and scarred, but he can't resist when Dillon finally makes a play for him. Dillon is like a wet dream for Coke, and the two of them have a great time getting to know each other better, at least until the danger of their job threatens to come between them. Will Dillon and Coke be able to help their friend and weather the problems that blow their way?

Title: And a Smile
Author: B.A. Tortuga
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Series: Roughstock
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Blind Ride
Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: October 27, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance, Western Romance
Pages: 197
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: four-flames
Bailey Bradford

I mentioned in my review of Blind Ride that I was not going to move further into the Roughstock series. There is a huge curiosity factor here that caught me. It is a huge something that was left hanging at the end of Blind Ride. It’s the how is Jason going to perform as a secretly blind bull rider. I want to know this. That is not in And a Smile. And a Smile is Coke and Dillon’s story. Jase and Bax have small secondary roles where they have a little page time bringing Dillon in on helping them hide the blindness from the cameras and sponsors. So to answer the blind Jason on a bull question, it does not happen in this book.

Who Coke and Dillion truly are as men, how they are written as characters, and how they are seen by their friends are so many different things that their characters become confusing. I read them as the really old crusty guy and the twink for so much of this book. Their friends see them a gramps and the guy who freaks everyone out. They actually are a bull fighter and a rodeo clown who have a few years in age between them and a whole lot of sexual chemistry. They love the work they do with the rodeo. These men are passionate about the careers they have chosen. They take their jobs very seriously.

Going into And a Smile and expecting some conclusion on it or even some momentum in the direction of a conclusion and not receiving anything of that nature is a big disappointment. Getting to know Coke and seeing him get a happily ever after didn’t help to fill that void on what I was expecting. Dillon and Coke reading as so many different things made it difficult to ever get a good grasp on their character. Overall I do not believe that this series is working for me.

Paranormal Romance

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