Review: Attracted to Her by Jan Springer

March 19, 2014 Review 2

Review: Attracted to Her by Jan Springer

While this is a stand-alone story, we recommend reading Attracted to Him first.

Millionaire sex-toy creator Aniston is on a mission. She's going to crack the icy exterior of her best customer's assistant Madilyn and melt her heart if it's the last thing she does. Her tempting strategy includes her glass chateau in the Colorado Rockies, a bit of bondage, toys she's whipped up especially for Madilyn and lots of erotic pleasure.

Relationship-shy Madilyn has kept her intense attraction to Aniston hidden behind her cool exterior. After a disastrous breakup with her first-and only-girlfriend, she's not interested in risking her heart again, no matter how sexy the other woman is. When she discovers Aniston skinny-dipping in her luxurious swimming pool, Madilyn is faced with a decision-to jump into a relationship all the way or leave without knowing if the sizzling chemistry between them could lead to much more.

Inside scoop: These passionate women experiment with many sensual treats, including a little light bondage.
A Romantica(r) GLBT female/female erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Title: Attracted to Her
Author: Jan Springer
Source: Publisher
Published: 28 February, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance, Female Female Romance
Pages: 50
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: five-flames

Madilyn is the PA to a millionaire businessman with a penchant for toys created by Aniston, renown erotic accessories designer.  Flying in to pick up the latest items for her boss at Aniston’s Rocky Mountain retreat, the story then switches focus to the attraction between the two women.

Madilyn had had one serious relationship that ended badly, and she has refrained from acting on her impulses or desires.  Aniston has had her eye on Madilyn from their first meeting, and even gone so far as to plan this quick stop to become something more.

I had a few issues with the story that took me a moment to get over. I do understand that this is fiction, and that the purpose is entertainment, but this book started with some elements that were so far out of the realm of possibility or acceptable no matter WHAT twists the plot is to take that I was rolling my eyes by page 4.  Personal assistants, I don’t care HOW rich their boss, are not served champagne as a matter of course on a helicopter. Nor do bodyguards fall asleep in a short heli flight – or they would be looking for some bodies to guard.  So, once I had reined in the snark factor, I need to deal with the plot.

Madilyn is purported to be dominant, but it takes quite a while, and a very sensual and submissive bondage session for her to truly start to come into that personality.  Aniston is more playful and determined to make Madilyn hers, and the inventiveness of her creations and use are super steamy.  This is a F/F story that is loaded with sensual scenes between the two, with more focus on the action than the characters, a common issue with shorts. It doesn’t deter from the steam in the story, and with my moments of eyerolling over this was an enjoyable read.

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