Review: Avion (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #7) by Eve Langlais

April 22, 2015 Review 1

Review: Avion (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #7) by Eve Langlais

Being a cyborg was so much better when all his parts worked. Avion’s nanotechnology stopped functioning after some experimentation done on him by the military. They broke him and now, Avion is no better than a human, even more annoying, he’s dying.

But at least he completed his final mission. He saved, One.

Mysterious and alluring, Avion isn’t the only person who wonders what surprises this woman hides. The human military and their alien allies fear what she’s capable of and will stop at nothing to destroy her. However, the one thing they didn’t take into account is that the cyborgs always protect their own, and they aren’t afraid to use deadly force.

And no one could imagine the depths One will stoop to in order to protect the man she loves.

Title: Avion
Author: Eve Langlais
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Series: Cyborgs: More Than Machines
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Source: Author
Published: April 23, 2015
Genres: Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 162
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

It’s only been a couple of months (for me and other readers) since Eve introduced something new and vastly different into her Cyborgs: More Than Machines series. Avion picks up on that thread and runs with it. The action immediately starts the book as our favorite characters are fleeing the dangers from the ending of Adam.

Readers know little of One. The cyborgs know even less about her. They rescued the voice in Avion’s head. She is such an unknown. I’ve been looking forward to getting to read her. I knew from her abilities in Adam that she was going to be a big game changer for this series. I loved where Eve went with that. One made for a fun read. She is different. Her teachings and torture have given her certain views on things that while funny often show her psychotic ideologies. She looks at everything with scrutiny even though she longs for affection and touch and normalcy.

The voice in Avion’s head is now the woman beside him. He knows the connection he has to her is something surreal. He wants nothing more than to explore her and that connection, except to survive. Avion’s nanotech is dead and has left him dying. While things are not looking too good for him and his survival there is one bright spot in short time left, One. Avion has full intentions of making the most out of every second his has with the enigma that has stolen his metal heart.

There are so many things to love about this story. One and her growth into a happy woman in love is the best thing ever. All she has known for far too long is a cold empty prison and deprivation of all things. She gets rescued by a dying man. A man that has more metal parts than organic and all he thinks of is her happiness and comfort. This is all so new to her. No one has ever put her first. The only logical thing to do here is to save her hero and their world.

*I highly recommend reading Adam before reading Avion*

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