Review: Awakened (The Belladonna Agency #2) by Virna DePaul

June 27, 2014 Review 1

Review: Awakened (The Belladonna Agency #2) by Virna DePaul

Perfect for fans of J. R. Ward, Nalini Singh, and Lara Adrian, bestselling author Virna DePaul’s thrilling series of paranormal romances invites readers into a seductive and dangerous world where vampires secretly exist among the general population, while the FBI tries to keep the Rogues among them from preying on humans—for killing, for turning, for pleasure.

Ex-soldier Barrett Miles had no idea that vampires were real—until Belladonna recruits her to serve as a covert agent and infiltrate a murderous sex ring run by the most depraved of immortals, those who feed on the purity and blood of innocents. Their latest victim: a young girl whom Barrett promised to protect. She will be sold—unless Barrett can find her first. Forced to team up with her former lover, Nick Maltese, an undercover sniper, Barrett is caught between fulfilling her personal mission and shielding her heart from the man who betrayed her.

Nick’s hunting a new breed of vampires and harboring a terrible secret when Barrett finds him. Soon a seething underworld of strange desires threatens to engulf them all. Can he save the girl and reclaim Barrett’s heart? Nick knows he has only one chance to prove himself to her as the hunt begins—and their love forces them to embrace the darkest places in their souls.

Title: Awakened
Author: Virna DePau
Series: The Belladonna Agency
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Turned
Published by Bantam
Source: Publisher
Published: July 1st 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 336
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Awakened, the second book in the Belladonna Agency series, knocked it out of the park for me! What did I love about this book? Oh, just about everything! First off I am a HUGE PNR fan. And, just because I am, does not mean I will read any old PNR that falls in my lap. It’s got to be good, REAL GOOD. It’s got to have the whole package for me. Characters, action, and a plot with enough mystery to keep me from guessing what comes next too easily. This book has it all. Here’s what it takes to get a 5-star review out of me.

Characters – well developed and interesting are a must. No problem here. Barrett and Nick are awesome. She’s no wimp and he isn’t all-grunt-grunt macho. They are perfectly matched. Slightly flawed, strong and smart. Let’s not forget there is heat between them. THANKFULLY, their story is not all sex. There’s emotion and character. Even the antagonists are well done. Vladimir is one bad dude yet he is still interesting. He’s just a guy running a business (admittedly a bad one) but it’s his sinister side that caught my attention. While I don’t think he would scare me in a dark alley, please do not not let him and me get near a white room. Got to touch on one more character who sparked my interest – Sam. OMG!!! Sam! I can’t go into details but Sam was easily one of my favorite secondary characters in the book. PLEASE, make another appearance in the series.

Plot – it’s got to keep me riveted. BIG CHECK! A thriller, mystery and romance all in one. So many twists and heart-pounding moments, it was like riding a roller coaster. The story is well developed and even if you didn’t read the previous book in the series (which I highly suggest you do) it’s easy to keep up with what is going on. I pretty much figured that the ‘latest victim’ was going to get rescued but the journey to get there kept me from putting down my book. There was plenty of action and adventure to hook me in. As much as I wanted to sit down and devour this book in one sitting, I was good and paced myself. I didn’t want to rush too fast and miss a thing. There are definitely some story-lines be built up that will be revealed in future installments of this series. Seriously, I may have a problem when this series ends.

As for what I didn’t like about this book….Crickets.

So this series is the one I am popping my Virna DePaul cherry on. So far, I am more than satisfied. Between the great character and good plot a PNR fan couldn’t do any better. While each book can be read as a stand-alone, I do suggest reading them in order. I get the feeling all this is building toward something pretty epic. If you are looking to tryout Ms. DePaul’s writing, then look no further than her Belladonna Agency series. You won’t be disappointed. Now to wait for the next book…


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