Review: Back Piece (Skin Deep Inc. #1) by L.A. Witt

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Review: Back Piece (Skin Deep Inc. #1) by L.A. Witt

Colin Spencer is a tattoo artist with a past he’d prefer to keep a secret. Actually, he has a few secrets that he’d rather people didn’t know about, which is why Colin doesn’t do commitment. But when a shy sailor approaches him at the gym, Colin finds this guy pushing all his buttons.

Growing up in a conservative family, then escaping with the Navy, Daniel Moore is an unsure virgin who feels like he can’t share his true self with anyone. Seeing Colin—and his tattoos—at the gym are the sign Daniel needs to finally get those tattoos he’s always wanted, and maybe try his hand at flirting.

As Colin and Daniel spend more time together, their awkward hesitations turn into a deep passion neither expected. But with both men harboring secrets, will their relationship be able to survive their insecurities and become something beautiful?

Back Piece is a sexy, emotional journey of two people learning to love and finding acceptance for who they really are.

Title: Back Piece
Author: L.A. Witt
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Series: Skin Deep Inc. #1
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Published by Swerve
Source: Publisher
Published: April 25, 2017
Genres: Male Male Romance, Military Romance
Pages: 316
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Hands raised if you stop, stared and drooled over the cover because I know I sure did. However, that is not the reason why I wanted to read Back Piece. Author L.A. Witt has become somewhat of a 1-click addiction for me. While I am not a huge fan of military romances, there is something about her books that draw me in. While this was not one of my favorite books of hers, it certainly was a good read and well worth the time reading.

Daniel comes from a very conservative family, stress on the homophobic side. He joined the Navy to escape their small mindedness without telling them why. Growing up he had to hide that he was gay, but away from his family, he is out of the closet. Unfortunately, he’s still a virgin who feels like he can’t share his true self with anyone. That is until he spots Colin at the gym. A tattoo artist with a past, Colin doesn’t do commitments. Unlike the tattoos that cover his body, he hides his secrets. When Daniel comes to him wanting a tattoo a friendship begins, that blossoms to something more, but both are harboring secrets that may keep them from true happiness.

It’s hard to not like Colin and Daniel. Both are less than perfect and their secrets make them awkward. It’s not hard to guess what Daniel’s secrets are because they are spelled out right there in the blurb: He’s gay and his family doesn’t know. When his folks made an appearance in the story I alternated wanting to like them and scream you are not worthy of Daniel. Now Colin’s secrets…WHEW! There are quite a few layers to him and of the two, his were my favorite to discover. Not sharing them because they are quite epic so you have to read to find out what they are.

Secrets aside, these two do have chemistry and the heat between them was fairly hot. The pacing of the story was really good although there were few moments where the story did drag a bit. Back Piece wasn’t an overly angsty story but there is plenty of drama to keep it emotional. Altogether, I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next in the series.


Back Piece
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