Review – Bad Fairies: The Collection (Bad Fairies #1-3) by T.J. Land

December 19, 2016 Review 0

Review – Bad Fairies: The Collection (Bad Fairies #1-3) by T.J. Land

Midsummer Nights
Newly arrived at Oberon’s court, Puck has already made a name for himself through his wit, his wiliness, and his very nice legs. But he’s not interested in the envy of his peers; what he’s really after is the attention of the lord of all fairies himself. Seducing the monarch will surely win him power and prestige, provided he can withstand Oberon’s famously bad temper.

Soon, though, Puck realizes that Oberon’s belligerent façade is just that, and his schemes of strategic seduction are submerged beneath budding infatuation. Now, Puck will have to muster all his tricks, from sonnets to the lash, to win the fairy king’s heart—a task which becomes substantially more difficult when Oberon discovers that Puck has been consorting with mortals…

Midsummer Sky
No one knows why Oberon, king of the greatest fairy court in the world, doesn’t have wings. Not even his crafty lover, Puck, who prides himself on being privy to all Oberon’s secrets. But that’s about to change, for Oberon’s mother has revealed to her son that there may be a way to regain his lost wings—provided Oberon is willing to risk losing Puck…

Midsummer Court
While Titania is visiting her relatives, Oberon is left to govern the fairy court in her absence, with Puck, his lover and adviser, at his side. Despite Puck’s efforts to drag the king away from his duties and towards more salacious pursuits, Oberon remains loved and respected by the majority of his people. But trouble looms on the horizon; Oberon’s rumoured perversity and failure to produce an heir have earned him a handful of political enemies. When disaster strikes the court at the solstice feast, they are quick to point the finger of blame at the one they hold responsible for Oberon’s weaknesses—Puck himself.

Title: Bad Fairies Collection
Author: T.J. Land
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: The Captain's Men
Series: Bad Fairies
Published by Smashwords
Source: Publisher
Published: November 7th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, LGBTQUI, Male Male Romance
Pages: 143
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

When ever I read a compilation or collection of stories at once, I will usually review each story, summing it up in a paragraph or two depending on the story and how interested I was with it. Yeah, I’m not gonna do that with this collection. I struggled with this read from the beginning and it only intensified to down right difficult. I’m a Fantasy/Paranormal lover and even enjoy some M/M, so I figured this would be a great fit for me. Maybe my excitement got the best of me…

With any new book, it takes a chapter or two to “get in to” the story, right? But I found myself reaching and trying to hold on to this world that I couldn’t grasp. Then I was desperately trying to understand the relationship between the King and his servant. When the first “pleasure” scene came up (LOL, funny), I was totally disappointed with the fact that I couldn’t get in to it because I wasn’t vested in the characters. Not to mention the scene was pretty blah, but I digress.

I continued with the story, only to lose interest yet again…sigh. Watching Puck (Servant) pretty much throw himself at Oberon (King), was almost pathetic. His tricks, games and spells just didn’t work for me. And then there’s the whole marriage that’s not really a marriage, the king’s mother and sabotage. Not necessarily in that order. This was just hard to follow and get in to. Which is a shame because the blurb TOTALLY had me at Fairies.



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