Review: Bargaining for the Billionaire (Seattle Bachelors #3) by J.M. Stewart

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Review: Bargaining for the Billionaire (Seattle Bachelors #3) by J.M. Stewart

In the tradition of E.L. James and Sylvia Day comes a sultry new series starring women who want to live out their wildest dreams . . .

You know what they say: billionaires do it better . . .

Grayson Lockwood is every girl's fantasy. Fabulously weathy? Check. Dangerous good looks, complete with a titillating tattoo on his rock-hard chest? Check. High-powered CEO? Check. Too bad none of that impressed the only woman he ever loved. Since she walked away from him three years ago, Grayson can't get her out of his mind. To win her back, he'll have to finally open up about the secrets he's been keeping. But first, he may have to use a little deception.

Tired of her comatose love life, Madison O'Reilly spices things up by chatting online with a sexy stranger. All she's really looking for is a hot fling-and BookNerd seems flirtatious and surprisingly attuned to her needs. As their chats become steamier, she begins to wonder just how long she can hold out before she has the real thing. But when he steps out from behind his avatar, Grayson can only hope that Maddie will finally see his true heart . . .

Title: Bargaining for the Billionaire
Author: J.M. Stewart
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Series: Seattle Bachelors #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Bidding on the Billionaire, Bidding on the Billionaire, Winning The Billionaire, Bargaining for the Billionaire
Published by Forever Yours
Source: Publisher
Published: September 13th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 256 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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Maddie has completely shut down the thought of men and relationships.  She’s still suffering from a bad breakup from three years ago. And then there’s the college party incident where she was drugged that still keeps her away from men.  She questions her own ability to figure out a good guy from a not so good guy. They can’t be trusted, so she stays away. Until a texting relationship turns a bit more spicier than she expected.

Grayson also is carrying a lot of baggage.  That baggage played a large part in the problems with his previous relationship with Maddie.  He also hasn’t been able to move past that implosion as well.  Grayson, however, is determined to have the chance to explain his side of things if only Maddie would talk to him.  When he engineers a date with the help of her best friends, Maddie is forced to confront some of her fears and anxiety.

Both Maddie and Grayson had difficulty understanding and expressing their vulnerabilities. It is not an easy thing to do.  Grayson essentially lied to Maddie again, to have the chance to talk to her.  He feels it is justified having exhausted any other way to get her to talk to him.  Maddie doesn’t want to fall for his lies once again.  Her walls are super high so Grayson has his work cut out for him.

There is no doubt Grayson is head over heels in love with Maddie.  Everything he does is romantic and adorable.  He works hard to get her to the point she must face her fears and decide whether she wants to jump of that bridge with him or not.  I understand her struggles-especially with her history.   Her best friends know her well and know that Grayson is the best for her.  Can Maddie choose Grayson and love??

This story was a bit different than I expected.  It was much more emotional and moving.  Yes I understand the struggles each one has. Grayson has a bit of a jump now and worry about the consequences later type attitude.  If he thought things through maybe a bit more, some of their issues would not have been there.  I, however, really enjoyed the journey J.M. Stewart took us on.  I have read others in the Seattle Bachelors series and this is a good addition!


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