Review: The Barman and the SEAL (Ellery Mountain #6) by R.J. Scott

October 24, 2013 Review 3

Review: The Barman and the SEAL (Ellery Mountain #6) by R.J. Scott

A Navy SEAL with PTSD, a Barman starting a new life. Maybe they can find love in Ellery.

Travis Baranski, Navy SEAL, is the first veteran to attend the Ellery Mountain Veteran Center. He is having a hard time coming to terms with what he had seen and what he has done. When he has a very public meltdown in Ellery stores it is Avery Gideon who steps up to the plate and helps him.

Avery Gideon, a man cut off from his family for being gay, runs the only bar in town - The Alibi - and listens to many a person's problems whilst trying to forget his own.

He sees something in the wounded warrior who needs a friend and very soon finds himself falling in love with Travis.

Nothing will deter him from helping Travis, or from making Travis see he's still capable of loving Avery in return.

Title: The Barman and the Seal
Author: R.J. Scott
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Series: Ellery Mountain
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: September 27, 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 86
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Stars: five-stars
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Once again R.J. Scott has opened the reader to the world of Ellery Mountains in her newest creation The Barman and the Seal. Travis Baranski has moved into the Veteran’s Center run by Daniel, a man suffering from PTSD, physically and emotionally. Avery Gideon owned the local bar, transplant from a world of wealth and power, turned away from his family for being gay. Together the men form a bond based on survival and friendship and eventual love.

Ms. Scott delivered poignant drama through her writing and sensational story telling. Travis represented the countless men and women who are thrust into war, viewing unimaginable horrors and then returned to their homes expected to go on and pick up with life as if nothing happened. Ms. Scott offered no platitudes as she traversed Travis’s life through his hardships, especially his emotional state. She did not make light of his plight nor attempted to simplify his hardships by quantifying them in a story. What she did do was tell the tale of a man who suffered in war and how through self-determination, friendships, family, hard work and love a brighter future could be on the horizon.

The Barman and the Seal brought old friends back together for Friday night gatherings as new friends were absorbed into the mix. The strength the men of Ellery Mountain continue to give each other is bountiful and loving. A series with real issues and emotion, a series written from the heart.

Karyn Gerrard

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