Review: Beast: The Untold Legend (Wicked Tales) by Shoshanna Evers

October 21, 2015 Review 0

Review: Beast: The Untold Legend (Wicked Tales) by Shoshanna Evers

Deflowering the princess may just save her life.

Princess Justine makes an unlikely ally when she storms into the stables and finds an angry, devastatingly handsome young man tending to her mare. Victor belongs to her soon-to-be Queen mother-in-law, and he has the whip marks on his muscled back to prove it.

The Queen, an enchantress well-accomplished in the art of black magic, turns Victor into a creature like no other. He’s a ten foot tall beastly wall of muscle, animalistic sinew, and savagery ready to unleash every primal urge coiled within him. At the Queen’s command, he kidnaps Justine on her wedding day to the prince — but refuses to kill her. Instead, he keeps her safe by turning her from a threat to the Queen’s power into a ruined woman who will never ascend the throne.

Now the Beast holds his princess captive in the woods, his focus on only one mission: deflower her and get her with child before the queen comes back to kill Justine herself. But as their tentative alliance forms, both Victor and Justine can’t help but wonder— what if being together is their chance for true love?

Title: Beast the Untold Legend
Author: Shoshanna Evers
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Series: Wicked Tales
Published by All Romance eBooks
Source: Author
Published: October 1, 2015
Genres: Erotic Fantasy Romance, Erotic Romance, Fairytale Re-telling, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 83
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

This Beauty and the Beast fairytale reimagined with a twist turned out to be a surprisingly sweet yet still smolderingly erotic tale. Princess Justine is betrothed to Prince Frederick a much younger prince in a land far away from her own Summerset. Due to a peasant uprising she finds herself in new surroundings with a queen that wishes to see her demise. That same uprising has left her without a family and little hope in the way of survival. Princess Justine’s one wish in life has been to find true love and live happily ever after. She’s reluctantly willing to make a few sacrifices to continue living though. Once the Beast steps into the picture she discovers just how far she is willing to go to live another day.

For the past seven years Victor has been the evil black magic wielding queens play thing. He knows from many painful experiences just how far her cruelty can go. His brief chance encounter with the beautiful Princess Justine lets him know that he must protect her from the evil clutches of her soon to be mother in law. It’s the nefarious plans of the vile queen that turns Victor into the monstrous beast that should ruin Princess Justine. Fairytale magic and true love proves to be the most powerful magic of them all in this sexy novella.

So you have an evil queen, a handsome man turned into a cursed beast, and a princess just wanting to survive long enough to live her life. Shoshanna has added in some sexy with the fairy tale magic and readers are treated to Beast: The Untold Legend, part of All Romance eBooks Wicked Tales series.

Paranormal Romance

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